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The 10 best recipes for lasagna with vegetables

The lasagna they are one of the most popular dishes of Italian cuisine, a classic that never goes out of fashion. The recipe famous all over the world is that of lasagna alla bolognese, typical of Emilia-Romagna, which embodies the idea of ​​wealth of felsinea cuisine and combines tomato, béchamel and minced meat. But if you do not love meat and prefer a vegetarian version, you can easily vary the ingredients and prepare the lasagna that most do for you and your guests. Here ten delicious recipes of lasagna with vegetables, Selected for you by Sale & Pepe.

In the supermarket you will find baking pans ready for lasagna in the fridges and freezers, but nothing can be better than the full taste of a homemade oven-baked pan. Rich in flavor, their realization takes time but it is easy, so making lasagna ones ideal dish for Sunday lunch.

To cook an excellent lasagna, you can use pasta sheets of about 15 cm by 20 cm and good ingredients to fill the different layers.

There bechamel it is one of the characteristic ingredients. Prepare it this way: melt 90 g of butter in a saucepan, add 70 g of "00" flour and leave to toast over low heat for 1-2 minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon. Add 1 l of hot milk to the wire, stirring to prevent the formation of lumps; cook for another 10 minutes, continuing to mix until the mixture thickens.

If you do not love béchamel or you want to wander with your imagination, you can stuff the others with other sauces. Genoese pesto, with which you normally dress trenette or trofie, can become the ingredient in most of your vegetarian lasagna, as in the case of Lasagna with pesto enriched, super good, also completed by crescenza, green beans and potatoes.

To warm up your winter, try cooking Lasagna with yellow squash and winter vegetables, based on radicchio, pumpkin and leeks. The Lasagna with herbsinstead, they are stuffed with borage, watercress and Swiss chard amalgamated together by ricotta.

For a first course as well as a highly choreographic, choose the recipe of the Lasagna with zucchini and flowers: on the final layer, after having distributed zucchini and ricotta, we arrange whole pumpkin flowers with parmesan and butter that give an effect and inviting presentation.

For a refined lunch, try Saffron lasagna with asparagus.

Browse the ten recipes of our top ten, choose which lasagna with vegetables to prepare and put immediately to the stove. Enjoy your meal!


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