STARS AND FOOD – WEEK FROM 01 TO 07 JUNE – TWINS – Italian Cuisine


lucky from 21 May to 21 June

Special ingredient: Good bread, maybe baked on a wood!

Fortuna vegetable: Fresh peas. Zucchini. HERE everything you need to know about peas that you didn't know yet!

The chef recommends: The week starts with the best conditions, already on Monday 1 you feel a great energy also for the arrival of good news. You are the sign of elasticity and negotiations, but these days it may be more complicated to find a meeting point with your contacts. Simon says … Watch what happens around Friday 5th, when the sky is illuminated by a Full Moon in opposition to the Gemini and squaring on Mars. But we always try to look at the glass half full. I … the chef, to be clear, meanwhile, I suggest you make a shoe with stewed dishes that you love so much.

Dish of the week: Stewed cod with fresh peas. HERE a tasty recipe that can also serve as a starting point in the kitchen.
Magic fruit: Cherries also to accompany stewed dishes! HERE you can take inspiration for their use in different recipes!

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