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Time is running out, the heat does not help and the desire to get in the kitchen is not for everyone. Summer, however, always carries with it special flavors and colors that put in a good mood and invite even the laziest to try their hand at summer dishes, delicious and tasty. Keeping in mind the desire of kitchen lovers to try simple but tasty dishes for the summer, as well as the desire of the most listless to savor tasty recipes that are also a lot quick to prepare, we have selected ten dishes for all tastes that are prepared in less than an hour.

There are simple but refined dishes like the salmon grated with ginger. The flavor of the fish is lashed by the spicy freshness of the spice: it will conquer even the most demanding palates.

There are many summer proposals, of the sea. The sword carpaccio with herbs and capers it takes you not even half an hour: you just have to be careful to keep the swordfish cut in the freezer for 24 hours and then let it thaw in the fridge for half a day. The dish is scented with aromatic herbs and flavored with diced olives.

Super tasty and really tasty, i skewers of sole and zucchini they are a second original and fast (you can also serve them in an aperitif as a finger food appetizer): strips of sole fillets and zucchini ribbons are wrapped in a stick, after being flavored in an emulsion of oil, lemon juice, brandy and chives, then passed to the grill.

Do you want to amaze your guests? Test the lobster in a creamy ginger sauce and gremolata. You need only 40 minutes to prepare the prince of shellfish, served over a little herb and potato timball.

We have also selected vegetarian and genuine second courses for you. The special ingredients of this top ten of quick summer recipes thus it takes the form of simple omelettes or elaborate Parmesan. There zucchini omelette you can serve it hot as a second course or enjoy it cold, sliced ​​or diced to accompany an aperitif or to stuff a sandwich. Of the parmigiana we present you one light version, with ricotta instead of bechamel or mozzarella, and grilled aubergines instead of breaded and fried ones.

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