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Pasta and salmon in 10 light ideas

Lightness, taste and a lot of good simplicity. Salmon pasta will be unforgettable with these delicious recipes

After so many pennette, cream and salmon dishes, we know: pasta + salmon = summer! But if we are looking for a bit of lightness and some new ideas … what is left of the cream?
Pasta above all, to choose from in many formats, dried, fresh, wholegrain, of rice, spelled or lentils. And the salmon: very good raw, smoked or simply cooked in a pan. In the gallery above we had fun playing with these two basic ingredients, but now we pass the ball to you. Here are some simple rules for preparing a pasta and salmon from bis.

Eye to the salmon

The fish we have chosen for these dishes is tasty, rich in properties and easy to prepare, but it has a small defect: it is more caloric than other fish. So if we want to prepare a first light we must not exceed the doses. In general, we try not to exceed 60 grams per serving, on about 80 g of pasta. Since it is naturally oily due to the fat it releases, we can cook it gently in the pan without adding oil or butter.

We focus on vegetables

Like all light dishes, this one also needs a good quantity of low-calorie ingredients capable of balancing the smaller portions of pasta and salmon. For a truly dietary result, we can use 50 g of pasta, 50 g of salmon and 100 g of zucchini or other vegetables that will give the dish the right volume. Salmon also combines asparagus, broccoli and peas.

Instead of cream

If you cannot resign yourself to our classic dish, replace the traditional sauce with a condiment made from lskim cream, low-fat yogurt and natural salmon (canned). Freshly ground pepper and that's it.

In the gallery above, 10 must-have salmon pastas!

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