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quick and easy sweet recipes

Our simplest cakes: a collection of recipes that are easy to prepare, but so good as to satisfy even the most demanding gourmands!

Short waiting times, few ingredients to use and quick steps, also suitable for beginners. This time the pastry is within everyone's reach: here are ours simple homemade cakes, very easy even for those who are not expert in the preparation of desserts. Simple yes, but good!

Apple pie, donut or chocolate cake? In the gallery you will find a collection of 30 easy cakes for all tastes, suitable for any time of day, from Breakfast a snack, until the dessert, also perfect for special occasions, such as one party of birthday. From the simplest to those with an extra touch!

Below, the ideas to prepare simple cakes to make with few ingredients that you will surely have at home. To improvise when the desire for sweet becomes unstoppable.

How to make simple cakes without baking

The best solution to prepare simple cakes? Avoid cooking! Of course, you could use a base such as ready-made puff pastry, but cakes without baking are the best for those who do not get away with the dough and the oven temperatures. To succeed in this endeavor, it is necessary to use a wild ingredient, i cookies!

Without forgetting the classic tiramisu and the beloved cheesecake, you can have fun with creativity or using what is in the pantry. The cakes with dry biscuits do not require the preparation of sponge cake or similar: enough soak the biscuits in milk or in coffee and making layers, alternating them possibly with one ready-made cream (did anyone say Nutella, whipped cream and mascarpone?). After a little rest in the fridge, it is ready to serve!

Simple cakes: chocolate!

A quick cake to prepare should require as few steps as possible, avoiding, for example, providing creams for the filling. Do you want to make sure that the cake is quite tasty even without a filling? This simple dark chocolate cake is the perfect recipe, because it hides a moist and creamy filling really irresistible.

You will need 250 g of dark chocolate, 100 g of butter, 4 eggs, 150 g of sugar and 1 tablespoon of flour. Cut the chocolate into small pieces and melt it, using the microwave or bain-marie. Add the soft butter, mixing it with the melted chocolate, and let it cool. Beat the eggs well with the sugar, using a whisk or an electric mixer. Gently add the chocolate and butter mixture, mixing from bottom to top, until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Pour into the pan and bake at 180 ° in a preheated oven for about 25 minutes. Your simple chocolate cake is ready: serve as desired with or without icing sugar.

To make simple cakes you need the right cream!

If your difficulty concerns the sponge cake filling, you can rely on jams, jams is spreadable creams, or try one of these quick and easy cake creams.

The first is the Yogurt cream, which is prepared by mixing 250 g of whole yogurt with 30 g of icing sugar and 250 g of whipped cream.
The second is the milk cream: heat 500 ml of milk with 90 g of sugar, add about 20 g of cornstarch and mix quickly with a whisk. Flavored with lemon zest or vanilla.
The third is the mascarpone cream without eggs, to be prepared with 250 mascarpone, 150 g of whipped cream and 60 g of icing sugar: just add the soft mascarpone to the sugar and add the whipped cream to the mixture very gently, mixing from bottom to top.

Try our best simple cakes in the gallery above: the snack will be ready in a moment

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