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Pasta if you do sport ... is it good?

Inserted in a healthy and balanced diet, it is an excellent food also for athletes. Helps to have energy and fight fatigue. Find out why

In addition to being the symbolic dish of the Mediterranean diet, pasta is an excellent ally even for those who play sports. Inserted in a healthy and balanced diet and consumed in the right quantities helps improve physical performance. «For example, eating a plate of spaghetti or penne with tomato seasoned with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the meal prior to training increases the availability of sugars and therefore of“ fuel ”for a longer period. As a result, it helps keep fatigue away and avoid energy losses during training, "explains the nutritionist Valentina Schirò. "In fact pasta is a good source of complex carbohydrates that supply energy to the body slowly". To increase the benefits of this food the ideal is to choose it in the integral version. «Compared to the white one, it has many more advantages. Contains proteins that help repair muscles and lean on. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamin E and polyphenols which, thanks to their antioxidant action, improve circulation and consequently help improve physical endurance ", explains the expert. But the benefits do not end there. "Antioxidants help counteract oxidative stress and curb the action of free radicals that are formed as a result of physical activity," says the nutritionist.

Fights fatigue

Pasta has a real energizing effect. "Consumed in the right quantities helps improve performance during physical activity and increases resistance to prolonged physical effort. Brings B vitamins that are involved in the metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins. These vitamins promote the production of energy necessary to combat the physical fatigue that can occur during training, "explains the nutritionist. Pasta is also a good source of magnesium. "This mineral promotes proper blood circulation, muscle functioning and the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles." But there is more. "Pasta also contains tryptophan. This amino acid facilitates the release by the brain of serotonin, a wellness neurotransmitter that helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue and to face training with an extra gear, "says the expert.

Eliminate hunger after training

Another advantage of pasta is that it helps not to eat too much after doing physical activity. Pasta is a food that has an excellent satiating power. "The complex carbohydrates of which it is rich provide energy to the body in a slow way and help us feel fuller and longer. The sense of satiety increases if the pasta is whole. The fibers reduce the absorption of sugars and fats, slow gastric emptying and prolong the sense of satiety. To enhance its satiating capacity the advice is to eat it al dente topped with extra virgin olive oil, with tomato or with seasonal vegetables. "Prolonged cooking makes the starch it is rich more quickly absorbed by the body and reduces the sense of satiety" concludes the nutritionist Valentina Schirò.

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