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Fruit in savory dishes: ideas for the summer

The extra touch on your summer dishes? The addition of fruit, to give that sweet and acidulous note that intrigues and amazes!

In summer, with the heat it makes, you have little desire to turn on the stove: not surprisingly, the summer is all a riot of fresh dishes, such as rice or pasta salads, mixed salads or quick pairings, such as mozzarella and tomato or ham and melon. And speaking of sweet and savory combinations, if you feel like varying and enjoying something unusual, try using it more often fruit in your dishes: give that acidulous-sweet touch, which often goes perfectly with cold cuts or fish. Here are some ideas to bring to the table.

Salad with strawberries and corn

The strawberries, with their sweet but discreet taste, they can really revive the usual big salad. Prepare it this way: take some songino or misticanza, add some precooked corn, some flakes of parmesan, the strawberries cut into small pieces and then seasoned with a dash of balsamic vinegar. A sweet and sour mix for a fresh and quick salad!

Panzanella with melon

The melon we are used to seeing it combined with raw ham, but why not use it as an ingredient in this typical Tuscan recipe? To the classic panzanella based on toasted bread and raw vegetables in salads, just add the melon cut into small pieces, to brighten up a recipe already rich in flavors.

Tuna tartare with grapefruit

Tasty meats of tuna are ideal to combine with grapefruit, one of the most sour citrus fruits. Take a nice slice of fresh tuna and cut it with a knife until you get one tartare. In the meantime, peel half of the grapefruit and cut it into segments; squeeze the other half to obtain the juice, in which you will marinate the tartare for 10 minutes, together with a dash of olive oil and chives. Then, serve the tartare garnished with grapefruit segments.

Grilled scampi and caramelized apricots

Apricots are one of the most popular fruits of the summer, with their fleshy and sweet pulp. Combine them with scampi for a second course really rich in flavor. Do this: caramelize the sugar in the pan and then brown the apricots on the concave side. With the cooking sauce, make a sauce, adding some orange juice and balsamic vinegar. Meanwhile, brown in another pan of scampi, without head, to be served with apricots and balsamic vinegar sauce.

Salad with chicken and grapes

Make the usual complete salad, adding boiled chicken and grapes. Do this: wash curly endive and lettuce, add sliced ​​caciotta, peeled grapes and previously boiled chicken. Finally prepare a citronette, based on oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice, to season it all.

Shrimp carpaccio with peaches

Shrimps, due to their sweet taste, blend perfectly with the taste of peaches. Prepare them in carpaccio: clean the prawns from the gut and open them as a book, then placing them between two sheets of transparent film, beat them with the meat tenderizer. Meanwhile, cut the peaches into thin slices, peeling them. Arrange the shrimp carpaccio, garnishing it with some slices of peach. A truly refined dish.

Bresaola with peppers, parmesan and grapes

There bresaola it is the lean and fresh cold meat par excellence. Prepare a delicious carpaccio: cut the bresaola into strips, to which you can add some chopped peppers, some slices of parmesan and grapes. Combine everything in a bowl and season with oil, salt and pepper.

Melon and watermelon in salad

Two fruits rich in water perfect even in savory dishes: discover the salads you can make with the melon and those to be enriched with the watermelon!

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