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What is the ideal pizza for your zodiac sign? – Italian Cuisine

What is the ideal pizza for your zodiac sign?

High or low? Minimalist or hyper stuffed? The astrologer reveals what are the ideal types of pizza of the 12 zodiac signs based on their "star" characteristics.

Is it possible that the stars influence our choices, even in pizzerias? We asked the astrologer Ginny Chiara Viola to reveal the favorite pizza of each of the 12 zodiac signs – because, let's face it, it is very difficult to resist the temptation of a Pizza tasty and choose the one that really suits us! After all, pizza is part of our DNA, a proudly Made in Italy recipe, exported with more or less questionable results in every corner of the globe. And then, pizza is a complete and satiating dish, to be granted one-time without guilt. There are even those who argue that eating pizza is absolutely compatible with the slimming strategy, see the Neapolitan pizza maker based in New York Pasquale Cozzolino, who dedicated the book to the topic The Pizza Diet (edited by Simon & Schuster). When we find ourselves in front of the list of pizzas with many goodness listed, from the simple pizza Margherita to the Quattro Stagioni or Marinara, we risk getting confused. So, let us be guided by the gastronomic horoscope: which is the ideal pizza for your zodiac sign?


This sign in constant motion appreciates take-away pizza and orders it super stuffed with energetic and caloric foods, on all cheeses and cured meats. He eats it straight from the cardboard, doing a thousand other things in the meantime.


You can enjoy pizza, il Toro, at the restaurant, in complete calm, choosing refined and gourmet combinations, preferably signed by some renowned chef. A few examples? Thin and crunchy pizza with courgette flowers and buffalo ricotta.


The eternal Peter Pan of the zodiac loves greasy and greasy pizza, to be shared with a large group of friends. A lover of variety, he chooses the Quattro Stagioni without second thoughts.


A sign of home and tradition: Cancer chooses artisanal pizza prepared with ancient grains. Always and only mozzarella and tomato: you can never go wrong with the great classics.


A sign obsessed with physical appearance, energetic and tireless, the Lion opts for the protein pizza, thin, crunchy and topped with cherry tomatoes and bresaola. Perfect for a post workout.


Another very strict sign, not prone to excesses, often on a strict diet. Those born of the Virgin choose a wholemeal pizza: thin thin, with goat ricotta instead of mozzarella.


Elegance first of all for this sign of Air, very linked to the sense of harmony and order. Their pizza is also chic and never excessive: Ligurian pesto, parmesan and rocket.


A loving sign of the “more is more” concept, strongly linked to the sense of pleasure and enjoyment. The high pizza wins, with a profusion of sausage and cheeses. No sense of guilt, indeed.


The travelers' sign goes in search of the most exotic pizza on the menu. He chooses it very spicy in Mexican style, but he also dares the much discussed Hawaiian pizza, with pineapple.


The traditionalist of the zodiac orders only true Neapolitan pizza: with high cornice, buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce and the inevitable basil leaves. Patriotic.

fish tank

The Aquarius hates feeling heavy and is not a big glutton, on the contrary: he is often so concentrated in his thoughts that he forgets about meals. Good a light and fresh pizza: tomato, shrimp and zucchini.


A pizza that comforts the soul and makes children go back: those born of this sign seek the memory of childhood even in their favorite dishes, such as a simple pizza with cooked ham and mozzarella or dessert.

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Sustainable tourism: the 10 rules of the ideal hotel – Italian Cuisine

Sustainable tourism: here are the 10 rules that the ideal eco-sustainable hotel should follow. From organic and 0 km cooking, to recycling to energy saving

Thanks to the growing attention in recent years towards ecology and environmental sustainability, tourism is also making great strides in this sense. In fact, it has been recorded that, both in Italy and in the rest of the world, the sustainable tourism sector is gradually growing and more and more hotels are embracing this new trend. There is still a long way to go but, between real renovations, progressive changes and small adjustments regarding consumption and services offered, it is expected that theecotourism become an increasingly consolidated reality in the future. It is also hoped that more and more accommodation facilities will be built following eco-sustainable criteria and measures and that the incentives concerning this sector will also increase, as well as the demand from travelers. But which ones requirements must own a hotel to be considered ecofriendly?

1) Sustainable structure and use of energy from renewable sources

Let's start with some indications regarding the building, which ideally should have been built according to the criteria of the green building and of bioarchitecture. In practice, the structure to be "green" should have been built with non-polluting and easy to dispose of materials. In terms of electricity savings, it should have both integrated natural thermal insulators and 100% renewable sources of energy (such as photovoltaic panels) and thermal energy (such as solar panels). There are also many small additional precautions that the hotelier can put into practice: from the use of lighting systems to low consumption light bulbs to the presence detectors in the rooms to regulate and minimize the consumption of electricity.

2) Water saving

Fighting water waste is one of the key commitments in the management of an eco hotel. For example, customers can be informed and made responsible with notices regarding, for example, the change of linen and sheets; doing so not only significantly reduces water consumption, but also that of detergents and electricity. For the water saving It is also possible to install mixers on taps and showers to reduce the flow of water, as well as purchase models of dishwashers and washing machines capable of regulating the amount of water required.

3) Eco-friendly and low environmental impact furniture

L'eco-furniture consists in the use of furniture and furnishings made with natural materials, such as untreated wood and pressed cardboard, which are not only recycled, but also recyclable. For extra safety, you can buy FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified furniture, furnishings and even floors.

4) Reduction of waste and pollutants

To be 100% eco-sustainable, a hotel must first of all be plastic-free; this means, for example, replacing single-dose containers of soaps with dispensers or using food dispensers for juices and breakfast cereals. It is also important to buy only ecological cleaning products and use recycled paper (from toilet paper to informative paper material).

5) Separate collection

There waste separation it must not only be present in areas of the hotel reserved for staff or common areas such as halls and gardens, but also inside the rooms, with special bins. In addition to separate collection, the environmental impact can be reduced by choosing non-polluting and "disposable" materials.

6) Fight against food waste

Even the catering within the hotel must comply with rules for the protection of the environment. For example, it is important that the portions are not too large, so da do not produce too many food scraps. You can also consider collaborating with associations and initiatives that deal with food donations. Finally, you can select vegetarian or vegan ingredients that have a lower environmental impact than others.

7) Organic menu and possibly zero km

The choice of fresh, natural, seasonal, organic and zero km food is critical. Preferring this type of food is an ecological choice, but also a way to enhance and make the territory known and to promote the well-being of customers.

8) Presence of plants and gardens

There presence of trees and plants inside not only the hotel purifies the air and absorbs CO2, but transmits ecological values ​​to guests and makes them feel in close contact with nature. Whenever possible, it is also possible to make available to customers external usable spaces such as thematic or tropical gardens, nature trails, natural relaxation areas with swings and hammocks or even tree houses.

9) Promote and favor sustainable mobility

THE means of transport to reach the hotel can have a significant impact on the environmental impact. It is therefore the responsibility of the hotel to indicate to visitors which public transport is available, any taxi and car sharing services in the area and, if necessary, offer a free transfer service. Once at their destination, guests can make their stay as pleasant and ecological as possible by offering a bicycle rental service.

10) Excursions and ecological recreational activities

The latter, more than a rule, is a recommendation. Being a sustainable hotel also means having theopportunity to raise awareness and entertain guests at the same time with activities that have to do with nature and the environment. Local ecotourism excursions could therefore be organized or advertised, but also courses, initiatives and events that have to do with the environment, such as creative recycling or natural cuisine, could be proposed.

Let us remember that, in addition to the eco-friendly offer of hotels, travelers must also have an active role of participation and responsibility, thus making a significant contribution to the sustainable tourism sector.

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Purple rice is ideal for dieters – here's why – Italian Cuisine

Its colored beans are a concentrate of substances beneficial for health and for the figure. Find out what they are and how to make the most of them at the table

In the supermarket and organic shops you can find different types of rice. One of the newest to try is purple rice, also known as violet rice. Traditional ingredient of oriental cuisine, this exotic-looking variety is also grown in Italy. Thanks to its particularly aromatic taste, it is ideal for preparing risottos, soups, salads and even desserts. From a nutritional point of view it is a very valuable cereal because it is wholemeal, therefore much richer than refined grains in vitamins, minerals and other precious substances. It also provides a large amount of polyphenols, called anthocyanins, responsible for the purple color that act on health and on the figure in various ways. With the help of Valentina Galiazzo, a nutrition biologist specialized in clinical biochemistry, let's see what benefits purple rice has and why it is convenient to use it in the kitchen.

What it contains

«Purple rice is rich in fiber that gives you satiety. They limit the absorption of sugars and the secretion of insulin, which predisposes to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, overweight and many other disorders ", explains nutritionist Valentina Galiazzo. It also ensures good amounts of tryptophan. "This amino acid in the body promotes the synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter important for the regulation of hunger".

What is different from other varieties

Compared to white and semi-wholemeal ones, purple rice grains ensure a higher content of antioxidants, including flavonoids called anthocyanins. «It is a category of polyphenols that have a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action on organs and tissues. They counteract the action of free radicals that damage cells and promote aging. They then strengthen the body's defenses and promote the disposal of waste substances and excess fluids accumulated with food. And finally they act on the circulation: they improve the fluidity of the blood and lower the risk of encountering high cholesterol, triglycerides and hypertension .

How to combine it at the table

Purple rice is rich in fat-soluble vitamins. In particular, it has a good content of vitamin A, an ally of the skin and vitamin K, precious for joint health. "To facilitate its assimilation, it is essential to associate it with a source of lipids such as extra virgin olive oil, hazelnuts, cheeses or salmon and all varieties of blue fish. To increase its anti-aging power, however, the ideal is to combine it in recipes with vegetables such as red cabbage and radicchio, which are also rich in powerful antioxidants ".

Purple rice is ideal for dieters - here's why

Here are the other benefits of purple rice

Counteracts cellulite

Purple rice is rich in antioxidants that strengthen blood vessel walls and promote microcirculation.

Quench your hunger

Thanks to the richness of fiber, it helps to modulate blood sugar, the level of sugar in the blood and induces satiety.

Promotes relaxation

Purple rice is a source of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is involved in the synthesis of serotonin, a precursor of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Combats fatigue

Thanks to the richness of complex carbohydrates and B vitamins, it guarantees long-lasting energy.

Promotes intestinal health

Purple rice is a source of soluble fiber that favors the multiplication of "good" microorganisms in the intestinal flora, which positively affect the health of the whole organism.

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