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The ideal travel destinations for 2020 according to Lonely Planet – Italian Cuisine

The Lonely Planet has compiled the list of the best travel destinations for 2020: among the green, exotic and cultural destinations, the Marche region also appears

The 2019 is about to end and, while the sums are drawn on the past year, we begin to plan trips and adventures for the next. It is not by chance that it is in this period that on the site of the famous travel guide Lonely Planet the list of the best travel destinations or, better, of the is published lesser-known or tourist places to discover or re-evaluate. Among the suggestions for the 2020, divided according to different categories including best country, city and region, we find exotic, cultural or zero-impact destinations, tourist-less locations to be re-evaluated or reachable thanks to new air connections and finally cities that will host important events. Surprisingly, Italy is also given a place of honor, as the Marche region ranks second among the recommended regions.

The best countries to travel in 2020

Bhutan, England, Northern Macedonia, Aruba, eSwatini, Costa Rica, Netherlands, Liberia, Morocco, Uruguay.

Guru Padmasambhava Lhuntse, Bhutan (@Destinations 2020 travel countries).

The first of the recommended countries is the Bhutan, a pristine gem of the eastern Himalayas, bordering with India and Tibet but less known and less touristy. This small state of rare naturalistic beauty, whose 60% of the territory is covered with forests, was already noted two years ago for having been elected "happiest country in the world", as well as for being a unique eco-sustainable example for a long time in the world. The guide Lonely Planet remember, however, that the national policy based on "high value, minimal environmental impact" includes a daily tax that tourists must pay to obtain a visa and to visit the country.

In second place we find England and, in particular, theEngland Coast Past, the long-awaited National Trail coastal route that will be completed in 2020 and that with its 5000 kilometers it will be the longest in the world. Thanks to this railway section it will be possible to easily explore the extraordinary and picturesque English coast, between wild and rural stretches, castles and characteristic villages.

There Lonely Planet then suggests to consider a trip to Macedonia, Balkan country still unexplored, but from next year more accessible thanks to the inauguration of new flight routes; among the recommended excursions, the one to Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest in the world, as well as a day of trekking along the High Scardus Trail.

The best cities to travel in 2020

Salzburg (Austria), Washington D.C. (USA), Cairo (Egypt), Galway (Ireland), Bonn (Germany), La Paz (Bolivia), Kochi (India), Vancouver (Canada), Dubai (Uae) Denver (USA).

Salzburg, Austria (@mete viaggio 2020 città, flickr, Robero Ferrari).

The most recommended city for 2020 is Salzburg, which this year is preparing to celebrate the centenary of the Salzburg Festival, one of the most prestigious and famous opera and classical music events in the world; provided an exceptional poster with prominent names and titles such as Elektra and Don Giovanni.
Another centenary that, according to Lonely Planet, deserves a trip next year is what will take place in Washington D.C. in the United States, and that of the 19th amendment: to celebrate the anniversary of the law granting women the right to vote in fact, there are special exhibitions and events. In third place in the ranking of the cities to visit there is Cairo, in Egypt, where, after so many years of waiting, the doors will finally open on Great Egyptian Museum (GEM), a museum complex of almost 500 thousand square meters that will host thousands of archaeological finds.

The best regions to travel to in 2020

Via della Seta (Central Asian), Marche (Italy), Tōhoku (Japan), Maine (Usa), Lord Howe Island (Australia), Guizhou Province (China), Cadiz Province (Spain), Northeast (Argentina), Kvarner Gulf ( Croatia), Amazonia (Brazil).

Uzbekistan, Silk Road (@ Regions travel destinations 2020).

The region of the world at the top of the "Best-in-travel" of the Lonely Planet and the Central Asia Silk Road, an ideal tour through countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, rich in history and tradition. From 2020, in fact, this itinerary will be made even more accessible thanks to the decision of Uzbekistan to introduce a new system of electronic visas as well as a visa-free transit regime for short stays.
In second place there are the Marche, of which the Australian guide praises the sea as much as the countryside, the suggestive medieval hilltop villages, the splendid Renaissance palaces, festivals and festivals that promote regional cuisine; as if that were not enough, in 2020, the "picturesque city of Urbino" is preparing to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Raphael's death.

La Rocca di Offagna, Ancona, Marche, Italy (@Wikipedia).
La Rocca di Offagna, Ancona, Marche, Italy (@Wikipedia).

In third place we find the Japanese region Tōhoku, unfortunately known above all for the damages suffered due to the tsunami and the earthquake of 2011. This region, which is slowly flowering again, now offers excellent tourist facilities and can be reached within a few hours by train from the capital. There Lonely Planet, on the occasion of the Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo next year, therefore suggests an "escape" to the discovery of this country, to admire its authentic lifestyle, the breathtaking landscapes, the ancient traditions and the evocative sacred temples.

Opening photo: Bhutan travel destinations 2020

Georgian pizza is the ideal comfort food for the winter – Italian Cuisine

The cold season could be the perfect time to try the Georgian pizza called khachapuri, a delicious comfort food still little known in Italy that is also a candidate for the next food trend

THE'winter it is not so far away and we already imagine ourselves sitting in front of a burning fireplace, wrapped in a woolen blanket, holding a steaming cup of hot chocolate and having a good table at the table comfort food, with a rich and enveloping taste, able to make us smile, to warm us up and to give us the necessary caloric intake and the right energy charge. As every year, predictions are made about the new culinary trends coming for the winter season, including those in other countries. Among the many fascinating and delicious exotic and oriental dishes that fall under the category "winter comfort food", this year you bet on khachapuri, a special type of pizza stuffed with cheese, butter and eggs: a traditional Georgian dish. This special focaccia is in fact slowly conquering the people of Instagram and seems to have all the credentials to be one of the next hot food trends coming up.

What is khachapuri, a typical Georgia pizza

This Georgian variant of our pizza consists of a generally boat-shaped focaccia, well leavened and with thick and raised edges and filled with a tasty mix of local fused cheeses (fresh or seasoned) and other ingredients, all covered with an inevitable bull's eye egg positioned at center. The khachapuri is a national symbol dish in Georgia, it has many regional variations, an ancient but simple recipe, and if once it was eaten only during special events or family celebrations, it is currently ubiquitous on the tables and consumed at any time of day , breakfast included. In addition to its goodness and the delicious variety of ingredients used, including butter, yogurt or kefir and some local cheeses including the emeruli (a sort of Greek feta, but of cow's milk) and sulguni (salty and semi-hard), to make khachapuri a perfect winter comfort food is the way it is usually eaten, or warm, freshly baked, buttery and stringy.

  pizza georgia_Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker

According to tradition, the most famous variation of this Georgian pizza (theadjaruli khachapuri) should be eaten with the soft crust dipped in filling, a pleasant ritual very similar to the Mediterranean scarpetta or the French fondue and that makes this dish even more special. One last curiosity: according to the inhabitants of Tbilisi, the khachapuri not only brings people together but also has the power to absorb the mood of those who prepare it and for this it should be mixed, cooked and consumed only when one is happy.

From food trends on Instagram to our tables in winter?

The khachapuri, recognized this year by UNESCO as part of Georgia's cultural heritage, is seeing its popularity grow considerably in recent months. Between 2018 and 2019 some research conducted in different countries highlighted the massive use of hashtag khachapuri within the social platform Instagram, and months ago the "New York Times" even decreed it "dish revelation of 2019. Beyond the media success, this delicious snack is making its appearance in many restaurants around the world, from Turkey to the United States, and many of them expect that its worldwide distribution will reach its maximum peak next winter. All that remains is to wait and see if the khachapuri is part of the Olympus of the next trendy comfort food, as good as it is beautiful and instagrammable.

Photo: khachapuri pizza georgia_Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker.jpg
Photo: Adjaruli_Khachapuri_pizza georgiana_Sandra C.jpg
Cover photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/B23dpFLJBGn

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Living Coral Pantone 2019, the ideal color for food bloggers – Italian Cuisine

Living Coral Pantone 2019, the ideal color for food bloggers

The announcement of the color of the year is coming soon in December: Living Coral. Elected by Pantone, will it conquer the kitchen and social media as the experts predict? Here a whole coral gallery to browse through for a future … Living Coral!

The announcement of the color of the new year is coming soon in December. Color Of The Year: the choice for 2019 falls on Living Coral, a coral shade full of vitality with a golden hint that infuses energy and gently revives. It derives from a color present in nature that transmits familiar and stimulating sensations, remembers how the coral reefs are a variegated kaleidoscope of colors – also in danger, thus going to awaken everyone's ecological consciousness. Defined by the authoritative Pantone Color Institute, the # COY19 it will influence various sectors, from fashion to interior design, from design to graphics. We bet that even the kitchen will not it remain immune?

Moreover, the characteristics that led the color experts to decide for the Pantone 16-1546 they are easily found in the same kitchen as both the hub of the home and as an activity and passion. The color experts explained that the Living Coral «envelops with warmth and affection, infusing comfort and optimism in a world in constant change, symbolizing our innate need for optimism and happy pastimes and embodies our desire for playful expression. Sociable and lively, Living Coral invites with its engaging nature to carefree activities – just like cooking. Why not prepare delicious dishes with coral-colored ingredients? Let's start with the cream of coral lentils and coconut milk up to the scallops with coral powder and avocado passing through desserts in matching colors thanks to the coloring powders macarons!

Not only. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, emphasizes how the Living Coral it is a reassuring color that manifests itself in the nature that surrounds us and at the same time shows a lively presence on the social media: «Color is a uniform lens through which we perceive the real and digital world. At a time when consumers want interactions and social relationships, the humanizing and comforting features of the Pantone convivial touch the right key. With the invasion of digital technology and social media more and more an integral part of our daily life, we are looking for authentic and engaging experiences that allow us to establish personal bonds and intimacy – impossible to counteract ….

Before Ultra Violet is greenery respectively 2018 and 2017, were Serenity is Rose Quartz in 2016 to have definitely taken over the colorful image of social media, Instagram first of all – it is still impossible to ignore derivation today Millenial Pink! Food blogger is influencer they will certainly not let the new opportunity offered by Living Coral to engage their followers in the pursuit of the new Holy Grail, or theengagement. Waiting for the brands to adapt to the new trend, we can give you some suggestions to start bringing the # COY19 in your kitchens. Starting from the series of pots The Belt of Orion Alessi that in light pink copper shade refer to the sea nuance up to the signed wooden furniture Furniture shingle or tablecloths of Zara Home, browse the gallery to immerse yourself in a colorful future all about Living Coral.

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