Italian Mac & cheese from Modena – Italian Cuisine

Bake in a saucepan the flour with the butter, then add the warmed milk a little at a time, stirring so as not to form lumps.
United grated Parmesan cheese, 1 tablespoon at a time, then a pinch of salt and nutmeg.

Boil the pasta left over and drain.
Pour half the bechamel covering the bottom of a mold (round cake tin ø 24-26 cm). Add the slightly chopped and mixed pasta.
distribuitevi over the cottage cheese, sprinkle with the milk of a mozzarella (cut the mozzarella in half and squeeze it over the mold). Spread the mortadella and blue cheese nuts in the mold.
Sprinkle with grated pecorino and pecorino cheese.
cover all with the béchamel sauce left, sprinkle with plenty of grated Parmesan and bake at 200 ° C for about 25 minutes.
Remove from the oven and finish with the grated smoked caciotta.

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