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Small world is served … is on sale & Pepe newsstands in October – Italian Cuisine

Small world is served ... is on sale & Pepe newsstands in October

Brescello, February 2020. I came to this village in the lower Reggio area for work, but when I crossed Piazza Matteotti I realized that I had entered another world, the "small" one, described by Giovannino Guareschi, writer, journalist and designer from whose imagination the characters of Don Camillo and Peppone: "This is the Bassa (…) and in Piacenza also the small world of my stories begins, which small world is located in that slice of plain between the Po and the Apennines". A long story, that of Guareschi, through post-war rural Italy, developed in 346 episodes published mostly on "White"(humorous-satirical magazine that he founded with Giovanni Mosca in 1946, publisher Rizzoli who later also became a producer of the films). The narration of a laborious peasant environment, made up of human solidarity and strong passions, accompanied by a landscape marked by the river and from the plain.

And here Peppone and Don Camillo come to life ("who created them is the Bassa. I met them, I took them by the arm and made them walk up and down the alphabet.") Who for all have the faces of the two actors who played them: “Gino Cervi corresponds exactly to my Peppone, Fernadel has not the slightest resemblance to my Don Camillo. But he is so good that he blew the place for my praeton. So now when I venture into some new Don Camillo story, I find myself in serious difficulty because I have to have a priest who has the face of Fernadel work ”.

Those who cross Brescello cannot do without feel on the set of the five films that were shot here between '51 and '65. There is still the Casa del Popolo with the inscription clearly visible, there is the house where Peppone overlooked, under the arcades of via Giglioli there is the recently restored Sputnik bell. But it is crossing the square that you can see the two bronze statues dedicated to the two protagonists and respectively placed one near the seat of the Common and the other to the church, where the wooden crucifix to which Don Camillo was addressing is kept inside.

In Small world of course we ate, meals were frugal: bread, cheese, cold cuts obtained from pigs, a soup with lard, an onion omelette, fried cake, fresh pasta, stuffed or not, homemade. Occasionally a few backyard chickens. All washed down with a glass of Lambrusco. Goodness that can still be eaten today in the many trattorias in the area in a small journey that from Roncole Verdi leads to Busseto, Zibello, Roccabianca, Fontanelle, Soragna, San Secondo, Colorno and finally Brescello. Here the museum awaits you Peppone and Don Camillo and the B museumrescello and Guareschi, the territory and the cinema. Nearby is Don Camillo's restaurant La Bottega del Paese, where I ate, which he has bought in the course of time the photos of the filming of the films completely wallpapering the walls. For a dip in the food of the Small world and Italian cinema of the 1950s.

Laura Maragliano
on Sale & Pepe of October 2020

Back & Breakfast, breakfast before returning – Italian Cuisine

School and office start again, we start again from breakfast! With Molino Rossetto puffed cereals and cake mixes, the first meal of the day is light and practical, fast and delicious

During the months of lockdown we have waited a long time for it, we have hoped for it and, now, this moment has finally arrived. In a few weeks back to school and, even if everything will be different from how it was before, there is no lack of enthusiasm in the family. Also in office we are slowly returning to normal, with live meetings and not just through a PC screen. Of course, there is also a bit of fear, there are still many unanswered questions, but the little certainties of all time will give us comfort: Breakfast before dedicating himself to his own commitments, the bell that rings, the faces of his classmates and teachers, the coffee break with colleagues, the last warm days of summer. After this period, even the early wake-up call every morning, traffic and homework will seem more beautiful.

Starting again, yes, but how?

September It has always been the month of recovery after the summer break, but it is especially so in this particular year in which we really need to get back on track. Day by day we have to find the charge, parents and children, to face the return to work and school. Such as? For example, starting the day with the right breakfast. Yeah, but what is the ideal one? The first meal of the day would seem the simplest to organize and instead it is the most complex because it doesn't have to weigh us down, but it has to give us enough energy, it has to be healthy but also satisfying, it has to be quick but not rushed because, after all, we have just woken up. .

A great breakfast

For those looking for a healthy and light breakfast, something to soak but that maintains a certain crunchiness, something nutritious but also greedy, an excellent idea are puffed cereals. There are many and for all tastes, to accompany the milk, The Yogurt or a vegetable drink with a good dose of fibers. Molino Rossetto, a company with a long tradition of milling, specialized in the production of flours and sweet and savory preparations, innovative, easy and fast, offers them in twelve references and all organic: natural puffed spelled, natural puffed rice, honey puffed kamut, honey puffed spelled, natural puffed quinoa, honey cappelli wheat, oat bran, chocolate rice, natural buckwheat, natural kamut, barley with chocolate, natural amaranth, barley with honey.

BARLEY-PUFFED-HONEY molino rossetto

Easy to pour and sustainable cereals

Six of these proposals (ancient cappelli wheat, spelled with honey, barley with chocolate, natural rice, rice with chocolate and oats) are available, in addition to the classic bag, also in theinnovative V-shaped container, which is a package that opens and closes with a plug and which is characterized by a practical form to challenge: in this way it is easier to pour the cereals in the cup (and avoid spilling them even when we are in a hurry) and breakfast can also be enjoyed comfortably away from home if, for example, we want to enjoy a breakfast in the park caressed by the last remnants of the sun, or for a coffee break in the office. Not to mention that the Vpack it is also a choice sustainable because the package is made with FSC® paper, that is, from responsibly managed forests, while the screw cap – which allows for better preservation of the product after opening, thus reducing food waste – is Bio-Based, i.e. made in plastic derived from plant and renewable sources such as sugar cane.

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Breakfast and pampering

Cereals can also turn into tasty energy bars to be enjoyed as a mid-morning snack or for an afternoon snack, but also to become the ingredient for many desserts. Speaking of sweetness, for those who prefer to devote more time to breakfast in the morning and want to indulge in a cuddle, preparations for cakes by Molino Rossetto they satisfy all greedy desires and allow you to cook easily and in a short time (just add the fresh ingredients) one Margherita cake, pies and biscuits, one Soft Cake At Cocoa, one with hazelnuts, Brownies, muffin, Pancake, plum cake, Crepes and much more.

Tradition and more

We have demonstrated this in recent months: "Knead" it is the verb to be of Italian families and Molino Rossetto preparations allow us to do it even when we have little time. With fresh seasonal fruit, with jams of all tastes, with chocolate or ricotta: we can bake different every morning tarts and tarts that taste like home and that make the back to school of the little ones, but also plum cake so soft to bite that they give the same sensation of a warm hug. And if sometimes we want to make a break from tradition, breakfast with the family becomes fun with the Pancake (there are also oatmeal ones for those looking for a protein breakfast) to be turned over in a pan and drenched in maple syrup, chocolate or fresh fruit. Waking up has never been so good!

pancake oat molino lipstick

Italian Mac & cheese from Modena – Italian Cuisine

Bake in a saucepan the flour with the butter, then add the warmed milk a little at a time, stirring so as not to form lumps.
United grated Parmesan cheese, 1 tablespoon at a time, then a pinch of salt and nutmeg.

Boil the pasta left over and drain.
Pour half the bechamel covering the bottom of a mold (round cake tin ø 24-26 cm). Add the slightly chopped and mixed pasta.
distribuitevi over the cottage cheese, sprinkle with the milk of a mozzarella (cut the mozzarella in half and squeeze it over the mold). Spread the mortadella and blue cheese nuts in the mold.
Sprinkle with grated pecorino and pecorino cheese.
cover all with the béchamel sauce left, sprinkle with plenty of grated Parmesan and bake at 200 ° C for about 25 minutes.
Remove from the oven and finish with the grated smoked caciotta.

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