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How to make boiled chestnuts

Boiled chestnuts are really simple to prepare, they are also ideal for creating amazing dishes in the kitchen

How do you cook chestnuts in general? Many buy them already cooked in shacks on the street, many put them in the oven and the luckiest cook them in the fireplace.
But one of the easiest ways to bring chestnuts to the table is to boil them.
The result are sweet and soft morsels that are eaten one behind the other even in the natural state, and are also perfect for making many sweet and savory dishes.

How to cook boiled chestnuts?

The recipe is really easy but with our tricks it will be even more so.
First of all, take the chestnuts and wash them well in cold water, to remove all the impurities: this operation should be done well if you have picked them with your hands, normally the supermarket and market chestnuts have already been partially washed.
Put them in a pot with high sides and cover with cold water: for 1 kg of chestnuts it will take 3 l of water.
Put a pinch of salt, a few bay leaves and, if you like, some fennel seeds. A trick? Put a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in the water, it will be easier to peel them later.
Boil the water and from the boil count for at least 40 minutes before removing from the heat. It may even take an hour depending on the size of the chestnut.
Once drained they will be ready to eat!

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