How to eat soup – Fiammetta Fadda's Belle Maniere – Italian Cuisine

How to eat soup - Fiammetta Fadda's Belle Maniere

According to the bon ton, soups and soups should be eaten following specific rules: our expert in beautiful manners, Fiammetta Fadda, shows them to you

How to use a soup plate respecting the rules of the bon ton? Our expert Fiammetta Fadda is ready to take action to save us from bad manners.

When we eat one soup or a broth we tend to tilt the plate towards us: wrong! According to etiquette the holster should be tilted towards the center of the table, and it is not just a codified gesture to make a good impression. By tilting the plate towards us, we risk more easily reversing its contents and assuming an incorrect posture.

Watch the video above to find out how to eat the soup properly, using the holster and spoon the right way.

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