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Ferrero, stop (temporary) at the biggest Nutella factory

It is found in France, in Normandy, and produces about 600 thousand cans a day. The company found a «quality problem, which «does not concern any product on the market

The largest nutella factory in the world has stopped temporarily. It is the one located in Villers-Ecales in Normandy, where every day it would be packed, according to the French press, about 600 thousand jars of hazelnut cream. The stop was imposed by Ferrero the day after the publication of the group's annual data, which ended 2018 with revenues of 10.7 billion, an increase of 2%.

The company has suspended the activity as a precaution, to correct a "quality problem" that was detected during the checks, and which "does not apply to products on the market". An issue to be resolved, which however "will not prevent the regular supply of the product to customers". Ferrero wants investigate the incident and restore production as soon as possible.

«On Tuesday evening at 6.00 pm the reading of the results of quality control on one of the semi-finished products of the line that produces Nutella and Kinder Bueno revealed a defect that does not coincide with our quality standards and for this we temporarily stopped the machines, explains Ferrero with a note taken from the French press. Investigations on the problem «they should probably close by the weekend and will allow all necessary corrective measures to be taken ".

The company also confirmed a Republic that, on the market, non-compliant products were not introduced to the Ferrero quality standards, that production has been blocked only temporarily and that supplies will be regularly insured .

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