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On December 7th there is the Prima della Scala (and not just at the theater) – Italian Cuisine

On December 7th there is the Prima della Scala (and not just at the theater)

From the 1st to the 9th of December, the Prima Diffusa event will bring Attila's work to life in over 40 places and spaces in Milan with 50 events, from the barbarian encampment to the Sforza Castle to the Barbarian Encounters with Neri Marcorè

Always, a Milan, the evening of 7 December, a day in which it is celebrated Sant'Ambrogio, it means only one thing: the First at the Scala. This year the work that will inaugurate the Verona 2018/2019 season will be Attila by Giuseppe Verdi and as per tradition it will be a great cultural event that will animate the city, not only in the theater. For the eighth consecutive year, in fact, thanks to the event Prima Diffusa, the work will come broadcast live in symbolic places of the nine municipalities and outside the city: the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the Teatro dal Verme, the penitentiary institute for minors Cesare Beccaria, the Casa dell'Accoglienza Enzo Jannacci and, starting this year, also the Pio Albergo Trivulzio, Casa Emergency, Ospedale Maggiore and Casa Vidas.

Prima Diffusa: a week of events throughout Milan

Not only that: Prima Diffusa, promoted by Edison is the municipality of Milan, from1 to 9 December, will organize 50 free events in 40 places and spaces in the city which will host projections, re-enactments, workshops, readings and performances, meetings and conferences dedicated to the work.

The encampment at the Castello Sforzesco
On 1 and 2 December, in the courtyard of the Sforza Castle with Attila at the Castle, one historical re-enactment will bring back to life the protagonists of Giuseppe Verdi's work. Attila's hosts will face the legions of Ezio, the last brave Roman general who defeated the Hun in the battle of the Catalaunic Fields. The Milanese, big and small, will be able to visit the Roman camp and that of the barbarians, attend duels between Germanic warriors and games of skill among knights Huns, pull with historical arches, follow the activities of the artisans engaged in the forging of the iron, discover the origins of falconry, while actor-narrators they will tell the most mysterious passages of the life of Attila.

The "behind the scenes" exhibition itinerary
The students of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala they will give their reading of Attila through a exhibition project that, from the Sala Viscontea of ​​the Castello Sforzesco, will develop until December 9th on different locations (CineTeatro Delfino, Spazio Tadini and Barrio's), highlighting the work of the multiple technical-artistic professional figures involved in the production of the work: from the set designer to the tailor, from the expert in make-up and special effects to the lighting designer to the photographer and videomaker. The route includes one video installation and display of sketches and sketches inspired by the Verdi opera, by stage costumes of historical Scaliger editions, as well as projects by special make-up with the live realization of the special makeup for Attila's character: wrapped in a sound space dominated by large panels on which videos and photographic images will flow, the audience, guided by the protagonists of the premiere, will thus be able to wander undisturbed behind the scenes and in the theater hall, where Attila is preparing and preview some of the scenes in the opera.

Good and bad with Neri Marcorè
Neri Marcorè, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Daniele Giglioli, Antonio Sgobba e Pacific will be the protagonists in different places of the city (from the Triennale to the Urban Cultural Sea, from the Spazio Theater 89 to the Spazio Tadini and the Castello Sforzesco) of a series of events, Barbarian encounters, around the figure of Attila and the barbarians of yesterday and today, which tell the story relationship with each other and with the invaderand, starting from the history of the king of the Huns and coming to contemporary history, to the relationship between good and evil.


Clean energy for the Scala

It was the 1883 when Edison brought it for the first time electric light at the Teatro alla Scala. On December 7th he will do it again, illuminating the work Attila with theenergy produced from renewable sources. The entire energy requirement is offset by special certificates that prove the source of energy from clean sources. In the nine consecutive years in which Edison illuminates the First, it has been avoiding the emission of over 550 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, equivalent to 100 rounds of an airplane around the earth on the equator line. Moreover, from 2017, Edison also supplies energy to the La Scala Theater Museum, a jewel of history and culture, which in the next few days will inaugurate a new exhibition dedicated to celebrating the 'magnificent factory' of the theater and its 240 years from Piermarini to Botta.

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