San Francesco della Vigna: the sparkling wine from the Venetian vineyard – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Only 1107 bottles of Harmonia Mundi: a symbolic number, which takes up the linear meters of the vineyard. Bottle No. 1.

Harmonia Mundi is enriched by delicate greenish reflections to the eye, with a very fine and persistent perlage. The nose opens with fresh notes that recall the sea breeze and with citrus fruits that slowly evolve into flowers (white alyssum), faint memories of seaweed and delicate spices. The long stay on the yeasts in the autoclave is expressed on the palate with slow and constant riddling, enhanced by the salty and marine notes, alongside the return of the citrus scents. The bottles silk-screened with blue and golden nuances recall the colors of the lagoon and the elegant box is made using disused briccole wood, a further homage to the Serenissima.

The exclusivity of the vineyards in Venice

«For us explains Stefano Marzotto, vice president of Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo, «the recovery of urban vineyards represents one of the most important initiatives that the world of wine can, and must, undertake today to keep the link with its history strong and alive , its roots and its traditions. Vineyards have been an integral part of the life and panorama of our cities, representing an essential economic component, characterizing their urban planning and social organisation. This was also the case in Venice which, although limited in its surface area, has cultivated vines in its historic center for centuries.”

A unique vineyard like that of San Francesco della Vigna requires particular attention, which recalls the traditional cultivation techniques of the past and the exclusively manual processing in the vineyard. The management of the vineyard is organic, only biodegradable materials are used (wicker for the most important bindings, linen fiber twine) and biodiversity is guaranteed by the grassing of the vineyard, with the sowing of varieties of perennial flowers that enrich the rows. During the harvest (strictly entirely by hand) even moving the grapes becomes a real adventure: the boxes are transported with a small boat across the lagoon to the mainland and then transferred to Santa Margherita for pressing and vinification.

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