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»Cracco Egg - Misya Cracco Egg Recipe

First put a uniform layer (at least half a cm high) of breadcrumbs on the bottom of a container, create 2 little shells and gently place the yolks inside, taking care not to break them.
Then cover completely with plenty of breadcrumbs, then put in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

After 2 hours, take back the container, always lift the yolks with extreme delicacy (one at a time) with a perforated spatula and fry them in hot oil until completely browned (if you have a thermometer, heat the oil up to 180 ° C and cook for about 60-75 seconds).

The Cracco egg is ready: lightly salt, then serve it on a bed of mashed potatoes, as I did, or even a simple salad, at will.

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