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How to whisk the egg whites to snow – Italian Cuisine

It is possible to obtain a firm, lasting and well-inflated foam! Follow our advice.

There are so many preparations in the kitchen that need well-whipped egg whites: it goes from desserts, like the classic meringues, to appetizers, like soufflés. Whipped egg whites can increase up to eight times their volume: depends on how much air they can incorporate while being processed. Being able to have egg whites stuck to snow is not impossible, but we must observe some simple rules. In the tutorial our tips for foamy and very bulky egg whites.

Albumi to snow
Albumi to snow.

Fried egg: the rules – Italian Cuisine

Of a person who does not know how to cook it is said that "he can not even make a fried egg". But why? Is it really so simple to prepare a fried egg?

THE'fried egg it is perhaps one of the quickest recipes to bring to the table. Few ingredients, indeed practically only if we exclude butter is salt that we all have at home.
But to make a really good fried egg, you have to respect the rules that no one has ever really taken seriously into consideration.
Like all good and well done things in the kitchen, however, there are steps to be respected even in a seemingly simple recipe like that of fried eggs. Here, then our tips.

Fried egg

Question of chemistry

The perfection of a fried egg is in compliance with some chemical rules that all lead to the achievement of the ideal cooking temperature.
It is very important, therefore, to consider the molecules of the egg and their relationship with the outside and to do so it is necessary to achieve perfect cooking. keep the fires very low and wait for the butter to melt slowly.
The same applies to the egg. As soon as the egg white has condensed the egg is ready for the yolk to remain creamy.

Fried egg: cooking

The egg should cook in a non-stick or cast-iron pan with a knob of butter.
You can also use monopodtion cocottes or oven dishes for large portions to put in the oven, but we recommend cooking on the stove because you can keep it under control.
The butter must be warm, but not excessively. To be clear, do not fry, but simply melt and heat slowly. Many use oil instead of butter, but the smoke point is lower and the egg is likely to burn on the outside. With butter, however, cooking will be perfect and the consistency of the egg will be softer.
The fried egg cooks for 4-6 minutes at most and yolk and egg white must reach a perfect balance of consistencies.
Unfortunately it is impossible to use a kitchen thermometer and the only rule to follow is to maintain a medium-low temperature.

But now let's go into detail to explain step by step the recipe of the perfect fried egg.

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Rolls of egg pasta, PDO Modena Ham and mozzarella

A simple and fast appetizer but characterized by the choice of a DOP product with a pleasant aroma and a sweet taste: Modena Ham!

From the typical pear shape and the bright red color to the cut, with an intense and pleasant aroma, the full taste and not salty at all, the PDO Prosciutto di Modena presents itself with the ability to easily conquer the palates. It is necessary to wait at least 14 months of seasoning before tasting this ham, whose production area is the hilly belt and the valleys that develop around the gold-hydrographic basin of the Panaro river, including some areas of the provinces of Bologna and Reggio Emilia, but the wait is absolutely rewarded by the sweet and pleasant aroma.

Versatile in combinations, its flavor explodes in the mouth if accompanied by delicate products and capable of enhancing the aroma. Let's try it inside egg rolls with a fresh mozzarella.


240 g mozzarella
180 g Sliced ​​PDO Modena Ham
60 g 3 thin sheets of egg pasta
30 g grated parmesan
1 ribbed tomato
Dried oregano
Pine nuts
Extra virgin olive oil with an intense fruity flavor


Slice the tomato into very thin slices. Blend the mozzarella with grated parmesan, a ground pepper, a pinch of oregano, 2 teaspoons of oil to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
Scald the sheets for 30 seconds in boiling salted water, drain them in cold water and then roll them on a cloth.
Lay a layer of film on the work surface, cover it with the slightly overlapping Modena Ham slices, forming a rectangle of 25 × 35 cm; roll out a layer of dough on the ham (gently dry both sides of the lasagna with a cloth), spread over the whipped mozzarella, level with the fingers, cover with the tomato slices and complete with a few leaves of chopped basil.
With the help of the film, form a roll, wrap it in the film itself, pressing it gently, then put it in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
Blend 100 g of oil with 7 leaves of basil, a sprig of parsley, 2 teaspoons of pine nuts, very little grated lemon peel, obtaining a very fine sauce.
Remove the now cold roll from the film, cut it into 18 rounds and serve it as desired on a mixture of salad, cucumber and radish washers and yellow pepper sticks, accompanying with the sauce.