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Antonino Esposito makes the pizza with the egg (and not only). Here is the recipe – Italian Cuisine

The recipe of the pizza guru explained step by step, including egg and lard – which serve to make the dough softer – and the secret to the perfect tomato. Once tested, you will never come back

Antonino Esposito of pizza understands. Born in 1968, he was born in Sorrento, where he lives and works in his pizzeria Ahum! and in the Acqu ’e Sale restaurant. In 2008 he came second in the World Pizza Championship, he is the first TV face in the history of pizza in Italy, when he led the Piacere Pizza program and Alice Master Pizza. He has just opened a new pizzeria in Milan, so does Antonino Esposito and writes for magazines, makes videos, DVDs and books dedicated to the world of pizza. Antonino Esposito is also the master pizza maker who invented the Sorrentine whip, a product born in 1996, patented and known all over the world, shipped frozen in Italy and overseas.

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His is a technical mastery that is measured with the wood-burning oven, the difficulties of the production chain and the ovens at home. He knows the secrets that pizza chefs use to make good pizza, to keep the dough soft and to make scented pizza. He knows that to make a pizza at home, with the home oven, you need egg and lard.
THE'egg makes the pizza golden without having to overcook it, and helps with its protein and fatty part, the sugna adds flavor and softness. "It is imperceptible to taste – Antonino is keen to specify – but in consistency it is magic. And I really do pasta a teaspoon ".
For the rest, quality raw materials are needed: strong flour, real mozzarella, a carefully prepared tomato and honesty in choosing the rest. Pizza is a simple food, when you eat it, eat the work, the gestures, the choice of the raw material, the care “Foodcost is an alibi, a good product costs you something more but has a different yield in terms of taste . And on the finished pizza nobody weighs the ingredients, it's the result that counts, not the price per kilo ”. Then only real fresh mozzarella and only good products: this is how Antonino Esposito does it.
Here is his recipe, taken from the book Passione Pizza.

Ingredients for 5 round pizzas

500 cc of water
850 g of strong flour, or 500 g of flour 0 and 350 g of manitoba
25-35 g of dough (the pasta is a piece of dough preserved by a previous dough)
25 g of salt
2 g poor brewer's yeast (3 grams if it's cold outside)
half an egg
half a teaspoon of sugar
a teaspoon of lard

The dough is all pleated

In a bowl, melt the dough with the yeast, a little water and the sugar.
Add ¼ of the flour, stir, add salt, then ¼ more flour, then the egg and the lard and the rest of the flour alternating with water. Stir until it comes off the bowl.
Pour the mixture on the lightly floured pastry board in the shape of a rectangle and fold it over itself a couple of times. Form a loaf, cover it with a bowl and let it rest for 15 minutes.
Work the dough again for about ten seconds with your hands, fold it a couple of times and let it rest covered for another 15 minutes. Repeat the operation 2 more times.
Divide the dough into 5 parts and form loaves, place them at a distance of a couple of cm from each other and leave to rise covered with a cloth overnight in a warm or controlled temperature, away from currents. The trick? Use plastic containers, just greased, which allow a "vertical" leavening.
After 7 hours put the loaves in the fridge or in a cool place and take them out an hour before using them.

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Spreading ON the bowl

Take a pizza ball and work it with your fingers until you reach a disk. Take a large bowl, preferably in metal, turn it upside down, flour it and place the dough on top.
Begin to spread the dough by pushing from the center to the outside of the bowl, so that the disk widens. When you get the desired width, wrap the dough on the pastry board and proceed with the shape.

The pan

Cooking at home in the pan is the best. A very light non-stick pan, so no oil is needed and the heat spreads immediately. It is a perfect trick for the home oven that does not reach high temperatures.
Roll it out into the pan and let it rest until it has doubled in volume. Prick it with a fork and bake.

The peeled rule

The tomato is used peeled, and is prepared the day before. Only San Marzano, peeled, perino because it has the right balance between water, pulp and seeds. It is crushed with your hands, with its consistency, seasoned with oil, salt, crushed garlic in a shirt and whole basil and left to rest all night in fridge. Is the pass not used? "Salsa is a baby food, it's another stuff, pizza is serious stuff!"

Cooking and seasoning

Bake the pizza until it just becomes golden, season with the tomatoes, then bake again. Three minutes from the end, remove again, add the finely chopped mozzarella, the grated Parmesan. When it comes out of the oven, it should be removed from the pan, placed on a grid, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Photo @ Daniel Mari

Beaten egg: the perfect recipe – Italian Cuisine

An ancient, sweet, easy-to-prepare protein breakfast that kids love. But also comfort food for adults and a natural remedy for exhaustion

It is as if we had put the sun in a glass. It is the intense yellow of thebeaten egg: A soft, fragrant, very sweet cream. You say beaten egg and the grandmother or mother who prepared it for breakfast or mid-afternoon snack resurface. But the beaten egg was also a sweet medicine that was given to children (and not only) when they were influenced or appeared a little wasted. In short, a sort of tonic or, as we would say today, a food supplement.
An always rigorously fresh egg, bought at the market directly from the peasant desks that came to the city with the freshly picked products. Today, instead, it is more common to buy eggs from the supermarket. The advice, since they will be consumed raw, is therefore to choose them very fresh and, possibly, organic.

Egg Liqueur (close-up shot) on wooden background

But one thing needs to be clarified: the beaten egg is not just for children. It's a comfort food that turns into dessert in the evening, to be enjoyed on the sofa while watching TV. All that sweetness refreshes and consoles us, perhaps after a tiring workday. But a beaten egg, well placed on a plate and decorated with a few biscuits, could also be an unexpected and moving dessert to offer to guests. Maybe correcting it with a little bit of coffee. Or sprinkle some cocoa.

The recipe for a beaten egg to remember

Difficulty: very easy
Preparation time: 3/4 minutes

Ingredients for a portion

1 fresh egg
1 tablespoon of sugar. The quantity can vary a little depending on how much you want it creamy. The more sugar you add the more creamy it will be.


Break the egg and separate the yolk from the albumen. Put the yolk in a glass, add the sugar and beat it vigorously with a fork or a teaspoon until it reaches the desired creaminess.

Raviolone of fresh pasta with egg yolk – Italian Cuisine

Raviolo with egg yolk: the chef's recipe that everyone can do at homePut the flour on the pastry making the fountain. In the center put an egg, a pinch of salt and knead first with a fork and then with your hands. Work vigorously and for a long time to obtain a homogeneous, firm but elastic dough, which you will let rest for about 30 '. Meanwhile, put the ricotta in a bowl, work it with a fork, add salt and pepper. With the special machine, roll the pasta into thin sheets from which you will cut 8 squares of 15 cm on each side. With the ricotta coming out of a canvas pocket to stuff, with a large, smooth nozzle, prepare as many crowns (nests) on 4 squares of pasta with a free space in the middle that is large enough to contain a very fresh egg yolk. Salt and pepper the egg yolks lightly, brush the squares with the egg white then cover them with the free ones, pressing gently with your hands along the edges to close the filling in the dough. Cut the ravioli with a round cutter of 12 cm in diameter. Bring plenty of water to a boil, add salt, dip the 4 ravioli and, after boiling, calculate the exact 3 minutes and then drain them with a slotted spoon. Spread the ravioli in the dishes (one per person), sprinkle them with melted butter, sprinkle them with sbrinz flakes and a generous grinding of pepper, then serve: if the cooking has been done properly, the yolk in the ravioli must remain soft like that of the 'soft-boiled egg. Serve immediately: they are rather substantial ravioli that require a light second, better if based on vegetables.

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