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Millions of wild animals have been killed by fires in Australia. Here are the National Parks and Wildlife Service measures to help surviving animals, at risk from hunger and thirst.

Following the devastating fires that have hit Australia in recent weeks, the government of New South Wales has taken action to rescue the wallaby, small marsupials similar to kangaroos. The National Parks and Wildlife Service he is making the wallabies get support for their feeding.

"Food supply is one of the key strategies we are implementing to promote the survival and recovery of endangered species such as the brush tailed rock wallaby," said the Minister of Energy and the Environment. Matt Kean Kean to CNN. "Wallabies are usually able to save themselves from the flames, but then they run out of food as the pyres destroy all the vegetation in their habitat."

Photography: National Parks and Wildlife Service

In total they have already been distributed over 2000 kg of vegetables, including sweet potatoes and carrots, launched from helicopters and delivered to the ground. On board the helicopters also a team of veterinary, To intervene in urgent resuscitation cases. The authorities plan to continue supplying food and water until natural resources start growing again sufficiently.

According to an estimate by WWF, due to fires in Australia, more than a billion animals may have died, including i Koala, i Kangaroos and i wallaby.

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