Chiara Ferragni. The favorite food of the most acclaimed influencer in Venice – Italian Cuisine

Chiara Ferragni. The favorite food of the most acclaimed influencer in Venice

Let's find out how the most famous Italian influencer in the world moves behind the stove. And what are his favorite foods

It doesn't matter if Chiara Ferragni – Unposted, the documentary directed by Elisa Amoruso who will exceptionally arrive at the cinema on 17th, 18th and 19th September, has been defined as a too patinated and phoned portrait of his life. Chiara Ferragni, to the Venice Festival, he had everything he wanted for the premiere of his dreams. The attention of the photographers, the journalists lined up to watch the preview of the film and hundreds of fans who, regardless of the clouds on the horizon, lurked hours in front of the barriers to take selfies or ask for an autograph. The result, for better or for worse, was a success and allowed the most famous Italian influencer in the world, as it has often been defined by the American media, to enjoy the deserved success and to attend a gala dinner in his honor, an evening adorned with cherry blossoms that set the scene for a refined project, which many of his colleagues have only touched on.

What Chiara Ferragni eats

Needless to say, at the aforementioned dinner, immortalized by dozens of Stories, guests were relaxed eating and drinking to Chiara's health. What you love at the table, fashion bloggers, however, is a chapter that deserves special attention. Everything, as well as in its style, can be understood thanks to the videos and photos that are uploaded to its very profile Instagram: from sushi, especially salmon, a passion that she shares with her husband Fedez, to the margherita pizza that is often granted when he returns to his home in Los Angeles. Ferragni, needless to say, is a lover of Italian food especially when abroad, yet criticism of her thinness and some "epic fail" posted by her have cast doubt on her love for the kitchen. See her, for example, pose in front of a pot of water filled with pasta with the flame extinguished and admire it smiling while biting a slice of pizza while the dish preserves a perfect wheel are "accidents" that entertain, but that leave to think that, according to that unwritten law that says that food is the most popular on social media, it's just a marketing strategy.

What is not seen in the documentary, but that some fans remember well, are, however, Chiara's attempts to get into the kitchen, often with results below expectations. Her husband Fedez, of course, immortalises her while turning the hamburgers on the pan or overdoes the eggs, and at Ferragni she does not forgive good-naturedness, letting moments of daily life incredibly tender and authentic leak out. Beyond the parenthesis of the surprise party of the rapper at the supermarket, an initiative that has cost the couple several controversies mainly due to the waste of food by the guests, it is clear that Ferragni has a nuanced relationship with the kitchen. The fact is that seeing it at the court of the most famous starred chefs in the world to taste refined delicacies made with crunchy yolks and citrus marinated carpaccio allows us to travel with imagination and dream, one day, of being there with her, on terraces panoramic and candelabra lit up as in a Kubrick film.

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