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MasterChef: who is Chiara Pavan and what is environmental cuisine? – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Let’s find out together who the guest chef on MasterChef is, the cook Chiara Pavanwhich you will often have found in our online articles and in the pages of our magazine’s recipe book.

The future is green, even in the kitchen, and MasterChef, in this evening’s episode, will explore the new frontiers of sustainability. In the last skill test of the season, dedicated to one cuisine that takes care of the territory through the valorization of its ingredients, the judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli will welcome a special guest, Chiara Pavan from the Venissa restaurant (a green Michelin star), located on the island of Mazzorbo in Venice. The chef will tell the contestants about her environmental cuisine, which describes the surrounding area and, at the same time, reflects on the imprint she leaves on it.

Veronese, 39 years old, Chiara Pavan she graduated in Philosophy with a thesis in Philosophy of Science in Pisa. She has always been passionate about cooking, after obtaining the diploma in Almathe haute cuisine school in the province of Parma, gained experience at Caino in Montemerano, alongside chef Valeria Piccini, and landed at Venissa with Francesco Brutto (who is now also her life partner).

Only the products of your own microcosm

Together they take care of the restaurant menus, and their dishes are mainly based on the fruits of their garden, to convey the strong bond with the territory. «The garden of Venissa allows us to work with always fresh products, not treated in any way, unique because they grow in salt-rich soil, and above all that they have a decidedly lower carbon footprint, as they do not need transport to get to the restaurant”, explains the chef on Instagram. Of course, the project is very ambitious, and often complex: «Sometimes it’s really difficult to cook with products coming only from their own microcosm, following seasons that are increasingly uncertain. Yet the idea of ​​environmental cuisine is mainly based on this. In the last year, seeing the lagoon in so much pain, we have given ourselves a lot of limits: vegetables from our garden on the island or from nearby gardens; only four-five invasive species; very local flours that are more complicated to work with. But how difficult is it?! How much easier it would be to use more common fish (now less and less present in our seas), meat, chocolate, exquisite exotic products (and to think that we don’t even use lemon… giving acidity with the unripe grapes recovered from the thinning of the vineyard) .

Less animal protein

Many of the proposals of Venissa are plant-based: Chiara Pavan will explain to the MasterChef contestants that «one of the main tasks of us chefs today is demonstrate that plant-based dishes are just as satisfying as those based on animal protein. Since food systems and the way we eat are responsible for a high percentage of gaseous emissions and pollution, in recent years I have thought a lot about what it really means to apply sustainability principles in the kitchen. It seems obvious but it isn’t: the most important thing is promote a diet low in animal protein and rich in vegetables, legumes and cereals. It is also essential to source supplies from growers and producers who share the same values ​​of caring for the environment and the ecosystem with us.”

Among the vegetables that, as a good Venetian, she prefers, there is radicchio. «In Veneto the bitter taste is part of the culinary culture and is particularly appreciated. Bitterness is a habittakes us back to the flavors of the field, of winter with radicchio, but also of spring (with dandelion, wild herbs and, in particular, chicory).

Transforming problems into opportunities

But Chiara Pavan goes further: she tries to exploit invasive flora and fauna to transform problems into opportunities. Take, for example, the glasswort. «In the last two years the presence of halophyte plants in the lagoon has greatly increased. The cause is directly linked to climate change: the rise of the salt wedge, exacerbated by the droughts of recent years, which has led to an increase in the percentage of salt in the soil. The situation in north-eastern Italy is quite serious and we still don’t talk about it enough. Last year at Venissa we lost various fruit trees and a part of the vineyard. The victims of this increase in soil salinity are agricultural production and biodiversity. Only plants that tolerate a high percentage of salt manage to survive and spread, giving shape to real expanses of glasswort and “its sisters”. In my opinion, as with the situation of blue crabs, the climate emergency must be addressed before it is too late but also with a creative look: halophytic plants can be used in the kitchenthey are delicious and have interesting nutritional properties.”

Protein alternatives to meat

Among the alternative proteins to meat consumption, the chef has also introduced it to the menu a couple of years ago there venous turnip, a gastropod native to the Sea of ​​Japan, which has already arrived in the upper Adriatic a few decades ago, probably – like the blue crab – through the ballast of ships. It is suitable for both long and very fast cooking. Another alien species served on the menu is theanadara inaequivalvis, also called Venus’ casket: it is an extremely invasive bivalve mollusc which, like the rapana, feeds on local molluscs, contributing to the loss of biodiversity and the transformation of marine ecosystems. Externally it is similar to the clam, but it has a singular taste and as much hemoglobin as (in percentage) beef. Chiara Pavan and Francesco Brutto have made a sort of “panna cotta” from it and also serve it raw, seasoned with garlic oil, ginger, lacto-fermented turnip, sea fennel, potentilla and oyster grass. «New invasive species, drought-tolerant cereals, insects and cultivated meat, promises the chef, «will be ingredients that we will welcome with curiosity.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, characters of the year on Vanity Fair – Italian Cuisine

Vanity Fair dedicates the new cover to Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, elected as the most influential Italian characters of the year. The issue, on newsstands from December 9, celebrates with them the 20 most significant personalities of 2020 for our country

From today, Wednesday 9 December, the new issue of Vanity Fair dedicated to 20 most significant Italian personalities of 2020: some have made us dream, others cry, there are those who gave hope, those who were an example and those who made us proud to be Italian. For Vanity Fair, telling the 20 characters of 2020 is a way to retrace an unprecedented year, especially celebrating those who have been able to dream, imagine and build the future beyond the difficult present.

In this perspective of commitment and projects, there are on the cover Chiara Ferragni and Fedez: "We have chosen to dedicate our cover to them for many reasons: the influence they exert, the commitment they have shown, the ability to use the new means of communication, the civil and political awareness they are developing", he writes in his editorial the director of Vanity Fair Simone Marchetti. "The thing that most impressed me about what we said with them (you can find the video interview on our website and the even more beautiful one by Marco Missiroli in the newspaper) is a sentence from Chiara:" I can't stay still, every day I have to find an experience that makes me and my family learn something new. Faith makes fun of me, he would stay at home, on the sofa. But then he follows me. And he is happy. We complement each other. I complete him. He completes me. And so we never stand still. And so we always learn new things "."

In 2020, the initiatives promoted by the couple are many: from the most important fundraising in Europe at the beginning of the pandemic (four and a half million euros destined for a new Covid ward of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan) to the recent creation of Scena Unita , a fund to help workers in the music and entertainment industry.
“I'd like my children to be proud of what we do beyond our jobs,” he says Fedez in the interview with Vanity Fair. «I want to make it clear that the social responsibility you have when you reach certain goals is just as important as the goals themselves. However, I would like not to claim authorship of the intensive care act because it is a puzzle that even if a piece had been missing could not have been realized. We were just a fuse .
"We agreed immediately in wanting to act," he echoes Chiara, "Federico wanted to move immediately, I pushed to organize something that could involve many people where there was really a need".

And for the 2021, their schedules are even more precise. Chiara: «When I started with the blog theblondesalad.com the world of fashion was very elitist, exclusive, a niche that only a few could access. It is now a much more democratic environment. This change has happened a lot through social media. Gender equality is important to me right now. For example, it is still difficult to find female CEOs and mothers: I would like to show that this is possible. I don't just want to tell my story, but to be a means through which other women can express themselves .
Fedez: «I'm trying to redevelop Rozzano, the neighborhood where I grew up. On an entrepreneurial level, during the lockdown, I made an operation with a listed company by selling 51% of my company: the result is that I found myself working with banks. The challenge is to make these so distant worlds understand how essential it is to communicate their ethical code and their philanthropic activities. It is really fundamental .

In addition to Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, for Vanity Fair the 20 Italian characters of 2020 are Pope Francis, Giuseppe Conte, the doctor and the scientists who first diagnosed and isolated Covid-19 in Italy (Annalisa Malara, Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, Concetta Castilletti, Francesca Colavita, symbol of all doctors, nurses and paramedics engaged in the front line in the fight against the virus), Massimo Galli, Pierfrancesco Favino, Willy Monteiro Duarte, Vanessa Incontrada, Alex Zanardi, Liliana Segre, Jannik Sinner, Gennaro Arma, Sandro Veronesi, Giovanna Botteri, Giorgio Armani, Achille Lauro, Elly Schlein, Francesca Sivieri, the Alpini and Marco Tuttolomondo.

Retracing the commitment already put in place during the lockdown and in the following months with various charitable initiatives, with this special issue Vanity Fair made a donation to Anpas Lombardy is Italian Red Cross Lombardy Regional Committee for the purchase of two rescue vehicles. The vehicles chosen, being equipped for off-road vehicles, will allow medical rescue and civil protection activities both in urban and rural areas, in inaccessible, mountainous or lake-river areas.
Regarding the donation, the President of CRI Lombardy Regional Council, Sabina Liebschner, and the President of Anpas Lombardia, Luca Puleo, they declare: «We are grateful to Vanity Fair for the gesture of generosity towards our Associations. It will contribute significantly to guaranteeing constant and continuous support to the Community . Finally, we thank the Autotorino dealership, Tavernerio branch, for having kindly made available the cars used for the delivery of the donation.

From Chiara Ferragni to Benedetta Parodi: Alessandro Enriquez's Thanksgiving in the Italian style – Italian Cuisine

Alessandro Enriquez celebrated the American anniversary of Thanksgiving in tricolor and digital version with a parterre of exceptional guests. And he gives us his special Citrus Thanksgiving Turkey recipe!

Who said we shouldn't celebrate the Thanksgiving in Italy, maybe with a nice stuffed turkey? The young designer Alessandro Enriquez thinks differently and, as a good lover of the table, loves to take advantage of the traditional American holiday for an evening with friends. A convivial tradition that this year has had to adapt to the times (and Covid restrictions) and reinvent itself through digitalization in secure social distancing. Then, beautiful boxes with colored hearts complete with everything needed for the special dinner were delivered to the guests, who shared their delicious “Enriquezian” experience on social media! And here is the perfect mosaic for a parterre of exceptional guests: the dessert Chiara Ferragni, the queen of Italian cuisine Benedetta Parodi, the actress and model Greta Ferro, the television faces Melissa Satta is Paola Di Benedetto, the beautiful Italian models Simone Susinna is Marco Fantini, the influencer Candela Pelizza, the PR Andrea Caravita and the food lover Francesco Maccapani Missoni.

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The Thanksgiving Menu by Alessandro Enriquez

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every last Thursday of November bringing a huge stuffed turkey to the table and lots of fun with friends and family. Alessandro Enriquez celebrated the American anniversary of Thanksgiving in tricolor and digital version. "I did not want to give up, in this difficult time, this celebration of gratitude. Surely it was not easy to think and realize it as in other years, but perhaps more than in the past this time I really felt the warmth and affection of my friends gathered … even if from a distance. We just have to wait together for a beautiful and different 2021, with great impatience!”Said the volcanic stylist with a thousand ideas (how about a POP coffee granita?).

Thanksgiving in the Italian style of Alessandro Enriquez is a tasty mix of American tradition and Italian culture, where the designer's pop colors and his citrusy food choices deliver the plane ticket for a gastronomic trip to America with Made in Italy luggage. It starts with the Pumpkin Cream with Sicilian Citrus Fruits and Pugliese Almond Crumble to get to the traditional Palermo recipe, the Sicilian Anelletti.

Even the classic turkey does not escape Italianization. Alessandro Enriquez has developed a version with a more Mediterranean scent with the Sicilian restaurant Muddica. Almonds have thus taken the place of chestnuts for the filling, while citrus fruits and spices, which recall the Sicilian childhood of the designer, have joined the other ingredients binding together with the scent of Jack Daniel's Honey, for a truly delicious result.

For dessert, we rush back to Italy with the classic Neapolitan baba, but in a special version. Alessandro Enriquez and the chef Crescenzo Morlando they decided to give it a twist by wetting it with Pop Caffe, a delicious Sicilian coffee with almond notes, and giving it the alcoholic honey note with the American liqueur Jack Daniel's Honey. There were also the typical Cookies with chocolate chips made by Baghi's, American inspiration for an Italian product, combined with the toast with "Chenin Blanch" from Mandrarossa.

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The recipe for Citrus Turkey

Alessandro Enriquez wanted to share with us the recipe of his very special Turkey and a tip from a true connoisseur: "My accompaniment is certainly not traditional: baked tangerines and lemons confit with potatoes together with a spicy fruity sauce. You can reheat half a jar of orange marmalade with the turkey and chilli sauce for a special flavor!“, Advises the gourmet. The last essential tip for the excellent success of this recipe? "Serve with love after 30 minutes from the end of cooking!“, Greedy!

Citrus Thanksgiving Turkey by Alessandro Enriquez

1 turkey of about 7 kg
200 g butter
Salt and Pepper To Taste.
sage, rosemary, mint to taste
grated citrus peels

For the filling:

500 g sausage
300 g of Donna Francesca almonds
400 g wholemeal bread crumbs
500 g whole milk (approx.)
Salt and Pepper To Taste.
sage – rosemary – Jack Daniels Honey q.s.

The previous evening

Clean and dry the turkey. Soak the wholemeal bread in warm milk. Prepare the filling by mixing with your hands the peeled and coarsely chopped sausage, the chopped almonds, the soaked and squeezed wholemeal bread, a little salt, a sprinkling of pepper and chilli, a glass of Jack Daniels Honey, a few leaves of sage and mint , apple and citrus peels and a few finely chopped rosemary needles. Cover and let it rest in the fridge until the next day.

The next day

Fill the front and back openings of the turkey with the filling from the day before, pushing the filling. Carefully sew the leather flaps of the openings with a needle and white thread.


For cooking, use a large baking pan with a high edge where the turkey can sit comfortably with the breast facing up. Sprinkle it all with the butter massaging well together with salt, pepper and a generous amount of chopped sage and rosemary and citrus peels. (you can also put this compound under the skin)

Bake in a convection oven at 160 °. The stuffed turkey needs about 1 hour of cooking for each kilo of weight, it should never be turned but only brushed every 20 minutes with its cooking juices.

The turkey is cooked when the skin is well toasted and crunchy and when the thigh is soft. It should measure about 70 ° with a kitchen thermometer.

Deglaze with a glass of Jack Daniels Honey.

All for one, one for all

For this evening of friendship and traditions, Alessandro Enriquez he carefully studied his menu collaborating with the Sicilian restaurant Muddica and other realities in the world of Italian cuisine, selecting only 100% made in Italy ingredients: from Sicilian coffee Pop Caffe with Turkey fromAncient Falorni Butcher, passing through the almonds Donna Francesca and the wine Mandrarossa. To color the dishes with stars and stripes, the inevitable Jack Daniel's Honey, Alessandro's favorite. Extreme care also in the mise en place, scenographic and impactful in full "Enriqueziano" style, perfectly successful thanks above all to the precious support of the products Ballarini, Staub, Bitossi, Richard Ginori, Seletti and Love Therapy.

In this historical period where everything is more difficult, 360 degree collaborations like these warm the heart, thanks Alessandro!

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