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An ancient, sweet, easy-to-prepare protein breakfast that kids love. But also comfort food for adults and a natural remedy for exhaustion

It is as if we had put the sun in a glass. It is the intense yellow of thebeaten egg: A soft, fragrant, very sweet cream. You say beaten egg and the grandmother or mother who prepared it for breakfast or mid-afternoon snack resurface. But the beaten egg was also a sweet medicine that was given to children (and not only) when they were influenced or appeared a little wasted. In short, a sort of tonic or, as we would say today, a food supplement.
An always rigorously fresh egg, bought at the market directly from the peasant desks that came to the city with the freshly picked products. Today, instead, it is more common to buy eggs from the supermarket. The advice, since they will be consumed raw, is therefore to choose them very fresh and, possibly, organic.

Egg Liqueur (close-up shot) on wooden background

But one thing needs to be clarified: the beaten egg is not just for children. It's a comfort food that turns into dessert in the evening, to be enjoyed on the sofa while watching TV. All that sweetness refreshes and consoles us, perhaps after a tiring workday. But a beaten egg, well placed on a plate and decorated with a few biscuits, could also be an unexpected and moving dessert to offer to guests. Maybe correcting it with a little bit of coffee. Or sprinkle some cocoa.

The recipe for a beaten egg to remember

Difficulty: very easy
Preparation time: 3/4 minutes

Ingredients for a portion

1 fresh egg
1 tablespoon of sugar. The quantity can vary a little depending on how much you want it creamy. The more sugar you add the more creamy it will be.


Break the egg and separate the yolk from the albumen. Put the yolk in a glass, add the sugar and beat it vigorously with a fork or a teaspoon until it reaches the desired creaminess.

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