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leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe


The leg it is the cut of thelamb that best lends itself to cooking roast. Thus cooked it becomes a delicious dish. But in order for the yield to be perfect, it is necessary to follow a precise technique that begins with the elimination of the pelvic bone and ends with the "scalco" of the cooked roast. If you wish, you can also marinate the meat with herbs, vegetables, wine and oil. Baking should be done first at high heat (at least 230 ° C), so that the juices remain inside, then lower the temperature to 180 ° C by sprinkling the meat with its sauce.

Step by Step

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • The first operation is theelimination of pelvic bone leaving that of the shin. Put the piece of meat with the fat on the cutting board side, strung the tip of a knife in the pulp following the contour of the bone, up to the joint that connects it to the femur. Cut a the tendons that hold them together and scrap the flesh around the bone to detach it.

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • Practice on the leg regular cuts and introduce a mixture made with herbs is garlic chopped, seasoned with salt and pepper and tied with a little White wine. Rub the mince which advances on the leg, then put the latter in a bowl, wet it with white wine and marinate it for 3 hours. Drain it e tied with threads the part where you removed the bone. Place it in a baking dish and sprinkle it with a doil.

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • Put the leg in a preheated oven at 230 ° C. After 10 minutes lower to 180 ° C and cook until the meat is golden. After about half an hour add half a glass of marinated wine and cook until desired (from 10 minutes every 500 g, if you want a little blood, up to 20 minutes for the same weight, for well cooked meat ). Then let rest the roast in the oven off for at least a quarter of an hour.

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • Put the roast on the cutting board and wrap the shin with a napkin. Then tilt the leg slightly and slice the opposite side of the shin bone, keeping the knife almost parallel.

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • After detaching from the leg so many slices how many guests are there, rotate it and, keeping it tilted, slice it on the opposite side.

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • Cut also the meat near the shin so each guest will have slices from 3 different points of the piece.

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • Serve your guests with the sauce on the table.

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      leg of Agnello Sale & Pepe
    • The lamb chops

      Give her chops obtained from the carré you get the "scottadito”, Typical preparation of central Italy. They are so called because the shepherds grazing cooked them on the embers and ate them with their fingers … scalding them. With a small knife, lay the last 5-6 cm of ribbing bone, scraping off meat and fat, oil with a sprig of rosemary and cook on the grill for 2 minutes on each side. They are salted at the end of cooking.


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