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Soft, juicy and delicate. Apples are the perfect fruit to prepare a traditional, simple and always appreciated dessert. Here are 8 apple pies to try

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Popular wisdom invites us to taste this delicious and crunchy fruit in everyday life … why not prepare a nice apple pie? Flour, apples, eggs, sugar and little more to make the best snack of all, to be served with an inviting cup of hot tea and enjoy the next morning, to start the day well with a delicious slice and a good coffee.

Apple pie.
Apple pie.

There is who loves to prepare it soft, very leavened and with a sugar crust on the surface. In many recipes instead, you prepare a thin sheet and abounds with apples, arranged in a radial pattern to enrich each slice, perhaps perfuming the filling with a sprinkling of cinnamon. But in addition to the cake that everyone prepares at home, perhaps measuring the ingredients by eye and paying homage to the traditional recipe of the grandmother, apples offer multiple cooking possibilities in desserts, and it is a lot of fun to experiment with new ones. Have you ever tried, for example, to taste a cake of bread and apples? This traditional dessert is a surprise with every bite, and is perfect for those who love to find a pinch of salt even in desserts. There rich apple pie and apple tart instead they are also perfect as a Sunday dessert, perhaps served warm and accompanied by a scoop of mozzarella ice cream. There apple puff pastry cake instead it is an extra step towards pastry making and it is the right recipe to amaze guests after a good lunch together. More homemade, but certainly fun tart of noodles and apples, your grandmother will like it too! The strudel then, it's a great classic, but have you ever tried it with orange scent?

Here are our 8 scented apple pie recipes

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