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Combo, a shared hospitality project

The hostel that reinvents the concept of hospitality will open in a few days: dedicated to all globetrotters, to those looking for a space to think, to create, to take a break, to listen to music. Also to eat

216 beds, 61 rooms, 7600 m2 of internal surface, 1000 of external surface, a former fire station (abandoned for more than twenty years and then occupied), now transformed into a modern and super hi-tech hostel , a space that reinvents the concept of hospitality.
We are talking about Combo, the new project of the Turin businessman Michele Denegri, born from his vision. Before Turin, Venice and Milan opened, in order, but in the near future there will be other openings (for the moment only in Italy): Bologna, Rome, Verona, then Palermo and Naples.

How the hostel works

The complex, which dates back to 1883, abandoned for more than 20 years, has been redesigned thanks to the work of architect Ole Sondresen and interior designer Helga Faletti with an accurate and conscious recovery intervention.

The reception rooms are located on the first and second floors of the Corso Regina Margherita building and can be private or shared, from 2 to 7 beds, mixed and female. Not only bedrooms, but also suites and 1 16-bed loft. A bed costs an average of € 25, depending on the time of year. Every two people has a bathroom, each bed has its own space for storing clothes and personal items, bedrooms and shared spaces, but privacy is guaranteed for everyone. From the website it is possible to book rooms and additional services.
Breakfast is not included, buffet formula € 8 (if purchased on the site € 6) and a small breakfast proposal for € 3 with juice, coffee and croissants.

Among the shared spaces there is a kitchen that is always open and available to hostels, where you can prepare meals from breakfast to lunch, a snack or a dinner, if you do not want to use the Combo restaurant and cafeteria service. Who lives in the hostel has a 10% discount on administration services, on all drinks.
The heart of the structure is the large room on the ground floor, 2500 square meters between inside and outside, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a little lounge, a little coworking, open to everyone from 7 in the morning until late in the evening, to work, but also to feel at home, to have a chat, to read and study.

It seems to be in a hotel, but it is a hostel with all the comforts: in addition to the shared kitchen also a laundry room with dryers, a place to iron the linen. On each floor there are common services with showers and steam showers.
Accommodation type, the Double room, perfect solution for a family of 4, cost of the tatami room double 80 + € 60 for the additional room (communicating), a private lounge, comfortable and spacious at the cost of a hotel room.

Who is Combo for?

The hostel caters to everyone, without distinction: from students to sportsmen in the city for gatherings; but also for couples who want a central, yet quiet accommodation, for team building companies, for school tourism, for people from Turin, not only travelers.
Combo is art and music, with many dedicated projects, including exhibitions and resident artists who will arrive to operate within the hostel, and an important partnership with Artissima. In short, many initiatives.

Combo is not just a new hostel, it was not born with the intention of redeveloping an area of ​​the city that at times seems to be a bit complicated to manage, but wants to be a real community that exchanges ideas, cultures, recipes, foods , who wants to bring people from all over the world together, who do not close their doors, but open them to the neighborhood, to its inhabitants, to the city, to tourists. A place of inclusion in the place that has made inclusion its philosophy, a place of shelter where there is the largest open-air market in Europe, which mixes cultures, foods and languages, one place for many voices.
Official opening on Monday 20th January. Stay tuned for many nice news coming soon.
Corso Regina Margherita 126-128

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