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5 easy desserts with hazelnuts: the recipes

A quick pie, an omelette with apples, a tart with chocolate and then the traditional Baci di dama and the Brutti ma buona: try them all!

The hazelnuts they are the fruit that makes every dough tastier, with that enveloping aroma and soft sweetness that tastes good and at home.
For this (and because we are in the right season) we want to offer you 5 easy desserts to prepare with hazelnuts, perfect for Breakfast and the snack.

Easy hazelnut cake

Only three ingredients to prepare this hazelnut cake delicious.
Divide 4 yolks from the whites and whip them very well for at least 5 minutes with 180 g of powdered sugar. Apart from the whites in firm snow.
Add to the yolks 200 g of toasted hazelnuts in a pan or in the oven for a few minutes and then finely chopped.
Mix everything with the egg whites and fill a mold lined with parchment paper.
Cook at 170 ° for 30 minutes in a static oven.
It is already delicious that way, but if you shower it with melted dark chocolate it's even better.

Apple and hazelnut omelette

It is a cake that is prepared in a pan and is therefore somewhat reminiscent of one omelette. Contains little flour and therefore has a particular and moist consistency.
To prepare it, first cook in a pan for a few minutes two golden apples cut into thin slices with a knob of butter and a sprinkling of brown sugar. If you like them, a little cinnamon and nutmeg they make a difference.
Aside beat 4 egg yolks with 20 g of sugar, 200 ml of milk, 120 g of 00 flour and 30 g of hazelnut flour.
Then add the beaten egg whites and the apples, cool and cook on a lightly buttered non-stick pan, or on the same pan where you cooked the apples, about two minutes per side.
Serve with the chopped hazelnuts and abundant powdered sugar.
This cake is also excellent with pears that go wonderfully with hazelnuts.

Chocolate and hazelnut tart

A crunchy shortcrust pastry wrapped in a chocolate and hazelnut filling.
There pastry it is obviously with hazelnuts, as well as the filling that can also be a classic Nutella.
To prepare the base, mix 200 g of 00 flour with 100 g of hazelnut flour, 150 g of butter, 90 g of brown sugar and 1 egg yolk.
The shortcrust pastry must rest for an hour in the fridge and then it can be cooked in white or directly with the cocoa and hazelnut cream.
Another one tart at hazelnuts very interesting is the one that has a kind of butter cream inside. We recommend it.
If you want a faster version, however, don't roll out the pastry, but crumble it to make a stuffed tart.

Lady's Kisses

The famous Piedmontese biscuits were originally made with hazelnut flour, did you know?
Over time, the hazelnuts have been replaced by almonds, but we have the original recipe of Baci di dama di Tortona and we invite you to try them because they are delicious and very easy.

Ugly but good

These cookies have a name that doesn't do them justice because in our opinion they are very beautiful as well as good.
They prepare themselves with the dried fruit, then you can choose between a mix of almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios, or just one type of fruit.
Try our recipe for Ugly but good which includes almonds and replace them with hazelnuts. The result will be amazing.
To make them even more delicious, we suggest you dip them in melted chocolate.

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