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10 recipes to combine summer fruits

To find freshness and energy, they are the perfect ingredients to serve on summer days. And not just as a fruit or after a meal

Melon is watermelon they are the inevitable of summer, with their freshness and their high water content (90%) they help the body to rehydrate and recover the mineral salts lost through sweating. They are also rich in antioxidants (lycopene for watermelon and carotenoids for melon) which slow down cell aging and help strengthen the immune system. Both have properties inflammatory, purify the body and aid circulation. They contain vitamins A and C, potassium, phosphorus iron and magnesium, which make them excellent natural supplements against the heat. Do you need other reasons not to let them be missing on your tables?

Melon and watermelon, not only after a meal

Fresh and light, they lend themselves to many preparations, melon is watermelon allow you to create delicious recipes even without the use of fires and can be an unexpected and low-calorie end of meal. Start a lunch with a rich man centrifuged watermelon, melon and celery, let yourself be conquered by one watermelon, melon and tomato soup, and finish with a fresh one August fruit salad. Simple dishes, which do not weigh down and which will make you find the energy lost due to the heat. If you don't want to give up some extra calories, you just have to choose which one ice cream match you. Of cream, ça va sans dire!

10 ideas to combine melon and watermelon

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