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10 foods that should be eaten strictly by hand

There are foods that should absolutely be eaten with the hands, for a matter of practicality, tradition or simply to be able to fully enjoy the taste

At least once in your life you will have certainly wondered if it was appropriate to eat pizza with your hands, or if you were right who preferred a more elegant approach with a fork and knife. Regardless of what the etiquette suggests, pizza can be included among the foods that should be eaten with the hands, as the use of cutlery would ruin the sensory experience. Setting aside any pre-established rules, science and sometimes even bon ton, let's find out ten foods, Italian and not, to be tasted without fear with your hands, starting right from the most famous Italian dish in the world.


Although it requires some skill, it must be recognized that eating the classic round pizza with your hands is a real pleasure. Although there is in fact no better method than another, the Neapolitan tradition supports the importance of manual skills in both preparation and tasting. Fans of Neapolitan pizza also suggest that the best method is to cut it into wedges and then eat each slice folded into a booklet; in this way it is in fact avoided that the mozzarella and the tomato fall into the dish and you can fully enjoy all its ingredients. Italian etiquette states that only sliced ​​pizza should be eaten by hand, the choice is yours as to which technique to use.


According to the etiquette the chicken should be kept on the plate and patiently cut with a knife and fork, "without raging with the bones", and the same goes for any cut and type of meat. In reality eat chicken pieces, perhaps fried and accompanied by the inevitable outline of French fries, with the hands it is a widespread practice in the world.

Lamb or pork chops

Both in the typically Italian version of the ribs lamb, and in the American one of pork chops, this dish seems to be made for eating with your fingers. Whatever the type of cooking chosen or marinating with sauce, getting your hands dirty and maybe licking them after a meal is an essential ritual.

The burgers

Although someone has even invented the hamburger carrier, the lovers of this sandwich know that not only is eating with your hands necessary but it is even an art. This historically consolidated habit requires experience and the right skill, which consists of perfect grip to prevent the seasonings from toppling over. No wonder tutorials have even been created to illustrate step by step how to eat the hamburger in the right way.

The molluscs

All shellfish with shell, including clams, mussels and oysters, should always be served with a saucer next to them and can be consumed without using cutlery, this time the Italian etiquette also says. A little less formally, in the case of recipes that include a sauce, you can end the meal with a very Italian shoe.

Indian curries

Not only is it a common practice eat Indian curry with your hands, but it is also the best way, which allows you to fully enjoy the combination of the many flavors and spices contained in these special preparations.
Remember to wash your hands thoroughly but above all to collect food only using the right hand (using the thumb and the first two fingers to collect and push the food into the mouth), since eating with the left hand is considered disrespectful in Indian culture.

The Ethiopian dish injera with wat

THE'enjera con wat, typical Eritrean dish, is nothing but a soft and spongy bread with natural leavening to which are added legumes, spicy meat and vegetables. If you have been to an Eritrean restaurant at least once or have had the chance to taste this recipe in Africa, you will already know that it goes eaten by removing pieces of bread from time to time so as to wrap the dressing. Unlike the Indian curry, in this case it must be used strictly left hand, since the left hand is considered impure in the Ethiopian culture.

The sushi

From Africa we move to Japan, to talk about one of the most popular traditional dishes in the world. Well, even in the motherland, where the use of chopsticks prevails, the use of hands to eat sushi is accepted. If you decide to taste it, remember that it is a good idea to dip it in soy sauce and eat it in one bite.

Wrap and piadina, tacos, kebab, falafel and Greek pita

What do all these preparations have in common? Although they come from different countries, they are all street food, composed of a rolled outer shell of bread, more or less rigid, and a delicious filling. Whether you opt for the Mexican taste of the taco, or for the Italian piadina or a choice between these varieties of recipes, you are absolutely entitled to eat with your hands.

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