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The rediscovery of the delivery man for food delivery (gourmet) – Italian Cuisine


In a very distant time in food (but not only) the delivery man he was a fundamental figure. Think of the milk: there was no refrigerator and the little man guaranteed that for breakfast time families had fresh milk on the table.

Then habits changed and in 2014 a CareerCast.com ranking gave it for one of 200 endangered jobs. Back then it was unknown what the next boom would be food delivery, from which emerged the new figure of the rider, an evolution 2.0 of the deliveryman, who resembles us. But that's not the same thing.

By bellboys here we mean people who work mainly for a shop or several stores, do chores and make deliveries, moving mostly in the same neighborhood.
Today, thanks to the extraordinary situation we are experiencing because of Covid, all habits have changed (especially when it comes to shopping), and even the old-fashioned factotum is back in vogue. And from an endangered profession, it has become one of the most requested professions of the last month.

In the space of a few weeks, in fact, greengrocers, dairies, small grocery stores and bakers organized themselves to deliver home, supplying the families in their area with fresh food, even every day.

And then there are the cuddle foods, those who miss the most. Who takes care of it? Many people have organized themselves at home to bake brioches, focaccias, pastries for the whole family … yet there are some flavors strictly connected to pleasant habits and moments of relaxation, which are practically irreplaceable.

In the big cities some historical brands they organized themselves not to miss that cuddle, showing off home solutions and exquisitely old style.

The chocolate Factory

Backpacks, centenary boutique-chocolat in Milan, went to brush up on the intuition of grandmother Olga, who saved everyone's work during the Second World War.

182483Thus, with the reopening of the two stores, on May 4, in addition to the take away, Zaini organized itself for the delivery of pralines and chocolates, but also of chocolate cakes, fresh fruit dipped in chocolate, fruit and chocolate tartlets, mini muffins, cannons, assorted baskets and even hot or cold drinks.

182484This is also called delivery, but it recalls in all respects the style of the Zaini shops, made of period furniture, sumptuous chandeliers and a high counter to taste the small local delicacies served on porcelain and crystal glasses.

In fact, the delivery is the task of the company bellboy or better, the people who were normally directly behind the high counter deal directly with it. The employees, in fact, all collaborate thus keeping the workplace, pending the safe opening. The service is reserved for areas close to the shop. For all the others it is of course possible to take advantage of the take away.

What restaurants do in Milan

Who wants to mondeghili is creamed cod you can contact Røst.

182486The rustic-innovative Porta Venezia restaurant delivers ready-made meals, wines, gastronomy products and a box of ingredients to make the restaurant's recipes at home. The guys in the restaurant get theirs electric scooter and deliver the food in a sealed bag.

182485For chic dishes that evoke distant atmospheres are there Mu Dimsum, Cittamani is Spica.

They have developed special menus for take-away and even in these three cases the staff of the three restaurants take care of the delivery. The dishes, they assure, are cared for with the love and care of all time.

In other cities

TO turin at the service Breakfast in the city center he thinks about it Vergano coffee.

182487"We know that breakfast or coffee at the bar is a ritual for many Italians and we believe it is one of the habits that are most lacking in this moment of quarantine" he says Carolina Vergnano. "For this reason, in compliance with the safety standards provided for by law, we thought of activating this home service that could, even if in a small way, give a signal of comfort and normality". To ensure it is un'apecar, a real Coffee Shop on three wheels is ready to deliver espresso, cappuccinos, bicerin and brioche. And for those who have run out of stocks, you can also buy 100% Arabica ground coffee in a can!
Also in this case, the baristas of Caffè Vergano take care of the service.

182488TO Coriano, on the Romagna Riviera, there is another interesting activity. It is that of SP.accio the high level pizza restaurant born in San Patrigano. They are pioneers in the baking with mother yeast and now they are back to kneading, baking to make pizzas, hamburgers, delicious sandwiches, wines and craft beers at home, thanks to the delivery service (it is also possible to take away) cured, in accordance with the current legislation, in all passages by the guys who work in the club.

Barbara Roncarolo
May 2020

Who is the man of Instagram's most famous panettone – Italian Cuisine

His name is Dario Loison, he is an entrepreneur from Vicenza and thanks to the GIFs and his Instagram filter he will end up in our Christmas stories

Dario Loison is a character. A big man with the Vicenza dialect, big and big, so full of passion as to be a flood. Unstoppable, so much so that even the stories on Instagram of millions (yes, millions) of people have become protagonists. Confectionery entrepreneur is the third generation of Loison, leavened and biscuits laboratory at the gates of Vicenza, in 1996, Dario has taken over the company for four years and sends online the first website composed of a few pages followed by the first two sales: the first to a Swedish housewife who bought 400 panettone for the Italian association in Sweden of Örebro. The other sale was in Japan at an ice cream shop in Osaka called Pinocchio.

In 1999 he put the company and employees online, since 2007 he opens the shop on Ebay and in 2010 he began to organize the Unusual panettone dinners, making the Christmas cake an ingredient in the hands of chefs and communication. I met him like this, when he put the first food journalists who wrote online and the first ones around the table foodblogger, talking for hours and explaining everything about a product that was certainly not as trendy then as it is today. If in the end I became passionate about the topic, it is thanks to him.

Loison understood that strategies such as the annual renewal of collections, with new innovative packs, new products every year, seasonal adjustment and web and social communication are effective for selling, and especially for exporting. It ended up in marketing books et al TED X as a company case history and will now also end up on the social networks of Millennials, from all the countries of the world.
To embrace all possible communication channels, and foreign markets much more sensitive to new media, on You Tube There are already many videos circulated by their international customers, in every language, to explain the Italian panettone. Last year the last intuition: to produce a series of Animated panettone-themed GIFs and dove for Instagram Stories, a success. Pasta type Loison to see a big man in a chef's jacket gesturing and cradling sweets. But the surprises are not over, because from this year there is also the Sweet filter.

How does it work? Go to the Loison Panettone Instagram profile and click on the smiley face icon. The Loison logo will be tattooed on the cheek, if you blink your eyes fly biscuits and finally if you open your mouth panettone will overflow. But that's not all: you can also save the filter in the Instagram camera by clicking on the appropriate button that you find the first time you try the filter. The "game" for now has yielded the beauty of over 39,000,000 views. Not really crumbs.

Who is Enrico Bartolini, the man of the stars – Italian Cuisine

Who is Enrico Bartolini, the man of the stars

Reserved, indefatigable, great at choosing employees. The Tuscan cook, on tiptoe, has come to be the best in Italy as a number of stars. Past, present and future of a master (little visionary and very concrete) of the kitchen

Milan and Milan. It can make one smile that Enrico Bartolini, the eleventh winner of the Italian Michelin Guide, mentions this combination in each interview. He is Tuscan from Castelmartini (a small town in the province of Pistoia), 40 years old in a boy's body. Milan because it has become his city. "Explosive, it has incredible energy. I didn't find myself in Cavenago, otherwise they wouldn't have rewarded me with the double Michelin star. However, every time I moved, obviously problems arose and therefore I felt stuck. With the Mudec a world has opened up, success has led to new premises and these to other initiatives ". Milan because in homage to his median past and to the football faith (for years he cooked in a lounge during the big matches at San Siro and was a guest several times at Milanello) he called himself the "Pirlo dei fornelli": it seemed like a act of presumption, instead Bartolini is showing the genius of the Rossoneri champion. With the extra star for the Mudec and the one added to the Venetian Glam, the Bartolini network has reached eight "macarons". "If they had predicted this when we moved out of the Devero, I would have laughed. It is an incentive to continue to do well, but also to find more and more courage to put into practice the ideas we have in our head .

From the trattoria to the Mudec

Bartolini is a pure talent, with the spirit of steel. A person who started holding pots in his uncle's Pistoia trattoria – practically an adolescent – and then wandered around Europe to learn, and above all suffering. He "turned" in a three-year period spent among the Alajmo locals, one of the great families of Italian cuisine: from that day on he became an adult and walked with his own legs. «It was the chef who gave me the most emotions in the kitchen. Massimiliano was a little older than me, but he already had three Michelin stars. The only regret is that I wasn't able to steal even more, I was too young . First star in Oltrepò Pavese, land without real champions: it was 2009, after four years at Le Robinie di Montescano. Then two years later he went into the "bomboniera" inside the (terrible) Devero Hotel in Cavenago, the autogrill – it was said – more greedy in the world, given that it was overlooking the Milan-Bergamo. Still, Bartolini gets the second Michelin star in 2013. The New Milan could not leave him there and then the Mudec opportunity arrived, in via Tortona: bistro on the ground floor and elegant restaurant on the third, staged in a few months, exactly as it had happened Silk at the Mandarin Oriental.

A network between Italy and the world

It's the beginning of a new story. Of a series of rooms that ring one star after another. Starting with the Venetian Glam, led by the talented Donato Ascani, who won the second star. The others belong to Casual Ristorante di Bergamo, Trattoria Enrico Bartolini in Castiglione della Pescaia (where the satisfaction of taking the place of Alain Ducasse, with better results) was taken, at Tenuta La Badiola which hosts the exclusive L'Andana resort and at the Locanda del Sant'Uffizio in Cioccaro di Penango, in the Monferrato area. In addition, he manages Poggio Rosso in Borgo San Felice in Tuscany and three premises abroad: the splendid Spiga in Hong Kong and the two bistros Roberto's in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. "We must offer foreigners what they expect from us and nothing else . Respect the ingredients, prepare the dishes in a delicious and traditional way. The foreigner barely accepts creativity in Italy, figured at home. It makes no sense for me to revisit amatriciana in Asia or the Emirates: it is already a problem to find the right raw material to cook it. I have nothing against them, but I get as much "stuff" as possible from Italy, "he explains.

Not innovative, but contemporary

Bartolini is not considered an innovator par excellence. «I am a chef who looks at traditional recipes with a technical and contemporary eye, if I am allowed this definition. I don't like to deconstruct or change by force, but to improve and lighten yes: in many historical dishes, by now, you can avoid the heavy part and find the squaring of the flavors. I always mention as an example our Rock anchovies in the meeting of saor and carpione that seem another thing, but they are "that" ancient dish ". Al Mudec – a minimal and suggestive place, inside the Via Tortona museum, and with a crazy cellar – he found the squaring of the circle proposing two tastings: the Be Contemporary – very seasonal and full of ideas – and the Return to my Origins with signature dishes. Some are part of the history of Nuova Cucina Italiana: Buttons of oil and lime with a sauce of cacciucco and roast octopus, risotto with beetroot and gorgonzola sauce Evolution, Oxtail with Royale, Gold and Chocolate.

The role of Capitaneo

Equipped with an Anglo-Saxon humor (but only a few), gentle but not obsessed with communication, Bartolini is part of the circuit because he has been at the top for years, but he lives in a detached way, also because he does not have much free time. His public outings are very rare, almost impossible to find shots where he is in the company of colleagues in formal and informal events. He is obviously esteemed, but he does not receive immediate sympathy also because in his growth strategy he has often fished talent in other top-level kitchens. But choosing who enters the team is part of the game and in this it probably has no rival in Italy. And it does not belong to any of the great families of Italian cuisine: that of the Campanians, Romitians, Botturians, Marchesi boys. His family, ultimately, is the one that animates the various premises and who blindly believes in his captain; his exemplary right-hand man is Remo Capitaneo – three years younger, Puglia from Foggia – who for ten years, besides leading the Mudec when Bartolini is absent, monitors the empire and chooses his collaborators.

The next stars …

With the new recognition, Bartolini can inflate his chest for another aspect. Curiously it was he who brought the three stars back to Milan that had evaporated in 1993 when Gualtiero Marchesi moved them to Franciacorta. "It is an honor of course, I never met the Master, but like all Italian cooks I can only owe him something and consider it an extraordinary example for our profession," he said yesterday. Satisfied? Absolutely not. «At 40 I can start my real career. It's a refrain that they tell young chefs, but all in all, now that I think about it, it's not entirely wrong. If I look for example at the Alajmo or at the Cerea, I still have a lot to do . For example, that ninth star that many are predicting for the last venue they have managed: Poggio Rosso. Appointment to 2020.

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