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the Marche among the best tourist destinations for 2020 – Italian Cuisine

the Marche among the best tourist destinations for 2020

Lonely Planet chooses the Marche as the best destination of 2020, second only to the "Silk Road" in Central Asia. Among art, nature and good food here are some tips on what to visit and what to eat

The famous guide Lonely Planet has included an Italian region among the best destinations of 2020, in the ranking Best in travel 2020 – Top ten regions. The only one that declines its name in the plural, but perhaps also one of the least known: le Marche. According to the team of the Australian publishing house it is the second best destination after the "Silk Road" in Central Asia. But if the name of this region does not remind you of anything so striking in terms of tourism, it will suffice to mention a few key points: it is the first Italian region for longevity and life expectancy at birth, with one of the highest incidences of organic farming compared to the total of agricultural production. A treasure chest of culture that is expressed in over one hundred secular theaters, including the beautiful Sferisterio of Macerata; city-castle surrounded by intact medieval walls (Jesi), Renaissance artistic capitals such as Urbino, elegant squares decorated with marble (Ascoli Piceno) and natural wonders like the Frasassi Caves. And then the Cònero, the only mountainous promontory on the shore of the central Adriatic sea, which contains Caribbean sceneries such as the beach of Two sisters, reachable only by sea. The Marches are also famous for fashion: the shoes of the Fermo and Macerata district and the hats made in Montappone. Or, again, religious tourism, with Loreto the Marian capital, where its sanctuary is a pilgrimage destination from all over Europe. Visiting this region requires a good deal of curiosity and an aptitude for research. The most suggestive places are precisely sought after and to be fully enjoyed the best thing would be to rent a car. In this way it is possible to cross roads that lead from the sea to the high mountains, passing between campaigns that are designed as mosaics. Without losing the secondary streets, which are often the most beautiful.

The kitchen is "at home"

The cuisine of the Marche is a cuisine linked to the share-making and popular tradition. Doses "by eye", as taught by the experience of the "vergare", the true matriarchs of peasants, and great attention to homemade pasta. From these assumptions, fishing in the inland products, the menus of the great Italian chefs were born, such as Mauro Uliassi is Moreno Cedroni, both fellow citizens of that Senigallia with its velvet beach, the real capital of today's great author cuisine.

Things to eat (and drink) absolutely in the Marche

Ascoli olives

Olives stuffed with meat wrapped in a crunchy breading whose recipe dates back to 1800. The preparation takes several hours and in Ascoli Piceno each family has its own version. The differences come from the choice of meat, from the use of spices or lemon, from breading and, of course, from the type of olive. Traditionally they are made with the "tenera Ascolana", one of the three Italian PDOs, but the production is particularly limited. To be enjoyed as street food or in the Italian mixed appetizer, ubiquitous in the menus of the restaurants of the region.

Il Ciauscolo

The Marche salami par excellence; spreadable, made with a mixture of pork, and worked with garlic and white wine. The Marches, against any territorial rivalry, are proud of it.

The Vincisgrassi

The ancient lasagna of the Marche countryside. Seven layers of pasta rolled by hand, dipped in homemade béchamel and an old-style ragù, where the flavor of the regattas dominates. It is the dish of Sunday, that of the grandmother. Born between Ancona and Macerata at the end of the eighteenth century.

The wild "moscioli" of Portonovo

The moscioli are “wild” mussels and are the gastronomic symbol of one of the most beautiful bays in the Adriatic, in the municipality of Ancona in the Parco del monte Cònero. On beaches with white pebbles as big as eggs, bordered by Mediterranean vegetation, gourmet kiosks are hidden amidst the scent of juniper and arbutus.

Fish soup: the sailors' soup

The brodetto was born as a poor dish, from the need to also use the fish less demanded by the market, less valuable and in small quantities, first of all by the sailors, who cooked it on board, with the few ingredients they had available.

The prized white truffle of Acqualagna

In autumn you should miss a white truffle truffle from Acqualagna. In the north of the Marche, but also on the entire Apennine ridge, it is possible to eat this delicious tuber. To taste with homemade tagliatelle, or in a simpler omelette, at the restaurant like at home.

The Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and the unmissable reds

The most awarded wine in Italy. A white that behaves like a red and whose versatility is combined with both fish and meat. A leading wine for seafood cuisine, it has improved over the years and is exported all over the world. A particularly prized wine, as a limited edition is the Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, the red that smells of rose, and the Vernaccia di Serrapetrona, red sparkling wine particularly suitable for cold cuts or desserts.

San Patrignano, a race for life (among the vineyards of the community) – Italian Cuisine

San Patrignano, a race for life (among the vineyards of the community)

On Sunday the WeFree Run returns, the appointment that starts the month of prevention: you can participate in the 12 kilometer foot race or the 3.5 walk. There will also be community boys and Despar, who supports the initiative

A race to encourage a healthy lifestyle, to promote sport, to show yourself that you know how to love yourself. Sunday (September 22) returns to the San Patrignano's WeFree Run, the appointment that starts the month of October, dedicated to the prevention that the community carries out throughout the national territory.

You can choose to participate in the 12-kilometer foot race or at 3.5 walk: the race will develop on a 4 km loop, and three will be done tours among the vineyards of the community. The first three men and the first three women classified will be awarded by Despar, the consortium that brings together six food distribution companies, which supports the WeFree Run for the values ​​it shares with San Patrignano: the centrality of people and the importance of prevention. Despar will offer all participants a welcome kit with gadgets and shopping vouchers. Those who prefer the walk, on the other hand, will do only one 3.5-kilometer ride on a paved path between the downtown facilities. The 1300 boys will also participate guests of San Patrignano, which for this special occasion opens to the outside.

The WeFree project for schools

WeFree will continue with the stage of 26 and 27 September in Isola della Scala, in the province of Verona: the project is aimed at children aged 13 to 19, parents, educators and teachers from all over Italy, and foresees both visits to the community and specific initiatives, such as theatrical performances, debates and interactive workshops, dedicated mainly to schools. This format is called A thin white line, like the book by journalist Angela Iantosca, who told the personal story of the San Patrignano children and conducted surveys on the main Italian marketplaces. The boys of the theater company of San Patrignano and the author, on the stage, will trace a path made of emotions, testimonies, but above all of hope.

Every year San Patrignano meets about 50 thousand students from all over Italy, to make them aware of the problem of drugs and a healthy lifestyle. "The prevention together with the recovery", explains Piero Prenna, president of the community, "is one of the pillars of our commitment".

Among the trees, in the middle of the river, suspended in the void: the hotels to enjoy nature – Italian Cuisine

Among the trees, in the middle of the river, suspended in the void: the hotels to enjoy nature

In Sweden he is about to inaugurate a floating hotel from which to admire the northern lights. But even Italian facilities offer unique experiences

In the summertime floats on the waters of the river Lule, in winter it is set in the ice. And from its rooms with huge windows to the ceiling, you can admire the sky without having to go out. The Arctic Bath hotel, designed by Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi, is about to open in Sweden: it is the ideal place to enjoy the Northern Lights phenomenon, from October to March, or the midnight sun. There are only six rooms, set up on a circular structure that has a natural pool with very cold water inside. The inevitable wellness center has twelve cabins for massages, thermal baths and crystal treatments. A structure that, as the designers wanted, has the least possible impact on the environment.

Who loves to immerse themselves in nature, always in Sweden, can also choose the Treehotel, with its own rooms in glass, bird's nest, Ufo-shaped, suspended among the tall trees in the pine forests of the northern part of the country, with a panoramic view of the river.

The rooms of the Free Spirits Hotel in Canada are real spheres in the trees of the rainforest coastal Vancouver Island, British Columbia: a unique hotel, where you can seek peace and relaxation by doing glamping, a new type of camping, between green and luxury. Or from which to go to discover the natural wonders that the island offers.

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Peru, the Skylodges Adventure Suits allow you to sleep suspended in a transparent capsule at 300 meters of height (but with all the comforts), for a breathtaking experience where the condors fly.

And in Italy? In the Renon (Bolzano), the Adler Lodge Ritten is a cozy retreat in the forest, among fragrant trees, Spa in the woods and lakeside chalets. It was opened in late June. There is the possibility of reach the structure with the cable car starting from the center of Bolzano. Guests arriving by foot from the forest to the plateau face a large clearing overlooking the entrance of the central structure, all covered in black wood. Around, 20 chalets (some on the shore of a natural pond) with large windows, sauna and fireplace.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Claut Valcellina, stands the Tree Village, a veritable small village of small houses built on trees without damaging them. The structure provides sleeping bags: each cottage can accommodate 2 to 6 people.

Never slept in a cave? In Matera Sextantio le Grotte della Civita is a widespread hotel, of which they are part well 18 caves carved into the tufa rock, to relive the feelings of the families who lived there until the fifties.

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