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The three young actors were the protagonists of three unique Vanity Stages, in the Campari Lounge, during the Venice Film Festival. Interviewed by the director Simone Marchetti, they talked about «what young talents dream of and more

What do young talents dream of? Three promises of Italian cinema – Juju Di Domenico, Rocco Fasano and Riccardo Mandolini – they told us about it in Venice, without filters, revealing itself as never before. In the Campari Lounge at the Terrazza Biennale, during the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival and via streaming, in three unique Vanity Stages, which also this year have united Vanity Fair is Campari, main sponsor of the Festival, to tell the story of Italian cinema.

Interviewed by the director Simone Marchetti, the three actors revealed the goals, ambitions and hopes of the "most beautiful job in the world".

Juju Di Domenico, born in 1997, quickly became the face of some very popular fiction, such as Curon. Particular signs? The tenacity. Rocco Fasano. Born in 1994, he is also a pianist and model. From SKAM Italy we will see it soon in Do not kill me by Andrea De Sica. Riccardo Mandolini, the Damian of Netflix's cult series Baby that is about to debut with the third season (from September 16), and is preparing to play a leading role in the cinema.

Juju Di Domenico

"I woke up at 6 to support, online, a university exam. German translation. Even though I am a native speaker, I have my difficulties. To copy? No, the grade you get is what you deserve. Nerd? Nooo, actually I have copied many times .

“Mine is a Chinese name. Mom, who is from Pescara, and dad, who is German, when they know each other they speak in English and give themselves the nickname "you", or "you" in English. When they find they are waiting for me they decide to call me as if I were their product, "you you", only it is not possible to invent the names of the children and they look for a similar sound around the world until the Chinese embassy replies that in China JuJu exists. The original meaning is flower .

"Just finished kindergarten, in Germany, I wanted to keep playing. There, in kindergarten, I played the cook, the teacher, and then in the first grade I looked for acting courses. From there I continued to play and act .

«I gave up many things, days with friends at the beach, holidays, to continue on this path. I don't mind but I know I missed moments".

“If I close my eyes, in ten years, I would like to be first happy".

Juju Di Domenico.
Juju Di Domenico.

Rocco Fasano

“When do they tell me I look like Robert Pattinson? I'm flattered. Great actor, but we're very different. I come from Basilicata. My real training was music. I studied at the Conservatory. The relationship with the piano taught me the relationship with music, rhythm. Today I found myself in acting .

«My parents pushed me to study something less artistic, in fact I enrolled in Medicine. I've been a while the black sheep of the family. I've always had the dream of acting, I've always looked for an alternative dimension ".

«The best moment? Immediately after Skam. Throwing myself into my character was a good one emotional challenge. Interpreting complexity is a gift, you also grow as a human being .

"Categorize it is limiting, especially when it comes to some issues such as gender identity, sexuality. In my opinion we must not enter into schemes defined by others, but we must define ourselves .

"There sensitivity it's a magnifying glass. '

Rocco Fasano.
Rocco Fasano.

Riccardo Mandolini

"When I was little I was the pestiferous son in the dressing room. My mother's best advice (Nadia Rinaldi, ed)? Always believe in this job, despite the ups and downs .

"Being an actor is a roller coaster. Being young means that I have everything from learn".

"I haven't graduated yet, when I was younger I made many mistakes. And when you hit your head, you come out knowing yourself more and more. L'error more important? Not having listened to the right people several times .

"Rome that's all for me. "

"Between ten years I would like to be here again, talking about cinema, acting .

“The thing that makes me the most fear? The love".

Riccardo Mandolini.
Riccardo Mandolini.

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