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Which tomatoes to choose, how to cut them, how to season them: here are tips for a perfect tomato salad to pair with quinoa, avocado, grilled vegetables …

THE tomatoes they never fail at the table in summer. Here is how to prepare a great salad using them as protagonists.

Why eat tomatoes

These extraordinary summer vegetables are the source of a thousand properties. First of all they are rich in vitamin C and mineral salts and they have very few calories, about 18 per 100 grams, so they are the ideal ingredient for those who follow a low-calorie diet.
They are then considered a real one natural heart medication because they prevent the risk of running into serious diseases and reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
I'm rich in antioxidants, in particular lycopene, which protect the body from degenerative diseases, and have considerable diuretic properties.

Chicken salad with avocado

Salad tomatoes

Good tomatoes are needed to prepare a salad of art-work tomatoes.
Among the many varieties, only a few are perfect for a salad, while others are good for preparations, such as passata or sugo.
The best tomatoes during the summer season and therefore the best for salads are the perini, the Sardinian camone, the San Marzano, the heart of ox (or very similar steak tomato) and the Florentine ribbed.

How to cut tomatoes

The cutting of salad tomatoes depends somewhat on your tastes and a little on the type of recipe you want to prepare. If you want to make a caprese you can cut sliced the tomatoes and then eat them with a knife and fork. If instead you want to prepare a mixed salad with tomatoes and other ingredients, cut everything in medium-sized pieces that are exactly the equivalent of a bite. Finally, if you want to use tomatoes to season a bruschetta, cut them in small pieces.

How to dress tomato salad

Oil and salt they must not be missing, while vinegar is optional. If you decide to use it, though, it's just wine.
You can then enrich your tomato salad with some herbs, generally, oregano or basil.
To make the seasoning more enveloping you can prepare an emulsion or a pesto enough liquid, to be served separately so that everyone can dress the salad as he prefers.
You can also dress the salad An hour before if you want me to lose a bit of juice in which to dip a slice of toasted bread. Remember that it should always be served slightly cold, then put it in the fridge for 10 minutes or use cold tomatoes.

Garlic and onion

There are those who say that there is no tomato salad without these two ingredients.
Then choose what you prefer and add it.
If you love a lot garlic use it in thin slices. Alternatively, use one whole slice and add it to the right seasoning to give a little perfume to the whole.
There onion, instead it should be cut into thin slices, left to soak in cold water for a while and then added to the tomatoes.

Ideas for tomato salad

We now want to offer you some ideas to bring extraordinary recipes to the table using tomatoes along with many other ingredients. Browse the tutorial to discover them!

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