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How to organize and what to bring for the beach lunch: tricks and things to remember for a perfect picnic on the sand

Lunch on the beach brings with itaroma of the holidays: pure freedom, lots of relaxation and the desire to enjoy the sea until the last minute of the sun. The important thing is to better organize and focus on simplicity. Yes, because instead of the usual sandwich bought at the last minute bringing to the beach the foods you love will be a way to take care of yourself and organize a meal in the name of wellness. Even on the beach.

Lunch on the beach: what to bring to drink

Hydration is essential. Remember that it is necessary to drink before feeling the stimulus of thirst. The water detoxifies, helps diuresis by promoting the elimination of toxins, deflating and stimulating cell regeneration. Here is a good reason to drink a lot and often, especially on the beach. Drinking two glasses of water before meals helps the feeling of satiety: add a refreshing salad and you're done.

To get everything you need for the day at the beach, fill up with water bottles and store them in a portable fridge or let them cool directly immersed in water. Beware of carbonated soft drinks and sugar-rich drinks: they are tempting, however they drink only temporarily. How about preparing iced tea directly at home? Just put two tea bags, or an infusion of flowers, in a bottle of warm water, then put in the fridge and let it rest for a night. If you want one refreshing drink for the beach exploits the power of citrus fruits: squeeze a lemon or an orange into the water and add fresh mint or a sprig of rosemary, precious against exhaustion and suitable for those suffering from low pressure.

Recipes for lunch on the beach

Toasts and sandwiches represent a timeless classic of lunch on the beach: we love them because they are delicious and whet the taste. So why not take the opportunity to prepare them with so many healthy ingredients and fresh? Turn your usual club sandwich into wellness by using toasted bread, avocado, smoked salmon and lots of grilled vegetables.


You can use the jars that you have at home as a container for one special sauce. From the famous Greek recipe with yogurt, cucumber and dill sauce, to guacamole, with the unmistakable taste of avocado, the fresh flavor of sauces will be a delight for the palate. Yes to seasonal vegetables, like the tomato, which in this period of the year offers the opportunity for salads and side dishes: cut into cubes, together with extra virgin olive oil and basil, it is perfect for a simple and tasty bruschetta with wholemeal bread. By the way, don't forget to bring melon and watermelon with you summer fruits, already cut into pieces and ready for tasting: your lunch on the beach will be perfect.

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