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the perfect tan recipes

What are the foods that promote tanning? Here is the top ten in 10 dishes to do right away

Carrots, you know, like all yellow vegetables and fruit, are famous for their "tanning" power given by beta-carotene content which by stimulating the activity of the melonicites, the melanin cells, is able to develop a deep tan.

But maybe not everyone knows that even celery and lettuce favor suntan.And among the vegetable friends of tanning let's not forget the tomato either, which contains lycopene which has a protective action and is better assimilated if cooked tomatoes are consumed.

Consuming foods rich in beta-carotene does not mean only ensuring a golden tan, but also greater protection from sunburn. The beta-carotene, in fact, filters the UV rays and neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, thanks to its antioxidant action.
But be careful not to consume too much because in addition to coloring the skin, they can accumulate in the liver, creating metabolic disorders.

It is evident, after what has been said, that for the skin to become golden under the sun it is not enough to use the right creams, but more than anything else, what matters is brought to the table.
Summer offers the best fruit among apricots, melons and peaches, but also extraordinary vegetables such as the peppers and the aforementioned tomatoes. Why not take advantage of it? In fact, all these foods are rich in Vitamin A, essential in skin care and therefore very important for obtaining a perfect tan.

Let's see then the ranking of the 10 foods that make you tan and that you can't miss at the table in summer. Carrots occupy the first position with 1200 micrograms of vitamin A. They follow the radicchio with 500 micrograms, le apricots with 300 and then chicory, melon, celery, peppers, tomatoes, peaches and watermelon to likewise with the cherries.

You want some ideas to match these ingredients by preparing delicious dishes?
Here our proposals.

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