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This is the real burrata of Andria

It all began in the thirties of the last century. A heavy snow blocked the delivery of the milk give her farms at the foot of Castel del Monte to the city of Andria. Not to waste it, Lorenzo Bianchino, a dairyman expert in the art of preserving butter in pasta di scamorza, applied the same technique, obtaining a new product. He created a bag with mozzarella pasta, filled it with stracciatella (a mix of cream and spun dough) and closed it with a characteristic head. Thus was born the first Burrata di Andria, one of the best and most famous products of Puglia.

In fact it is just so: you say burrata and think of the Puglia. Correct: artisanal cheese is a product of the regional tradition, but Andria is the birthplace, and claims its authorship, first with an IGP obtained in November 2016, then with a consortium established in February 2017, and recognized in May 2018 from Ministry of Agricultural Policies, to perform functions of protection, promotion and enhancement. Today, the Burrata brand of Andria PGI guarantees the link with the tradition, the quality and the traceability of the product, but also the history, values ​​and culture of its territory.

For the avoidance of confusion, the Burrata di Andria PGI can actually be produced throughout Puglia, but only by authorized dairies, which follow a precise disciplinary made of strict rules: quality of the raw material, thickness of the walls of the bag (around 2 millimeters), fray and head strictly handmade. If it is not so, it is simple burrata.

Since it was born, the consortium has been committed to making its jewelery known, and does so with services on Rai (recently it was in the Frigo and Eat Parade sections), special TVs like the one on TF1, in front of 6 million French viewers, or on Lidia's Kitchen, Mamma Bastianich's much followed show on the American BBC. However, the commitment goes well beyond television appearances, and takes place with day-to-day activities, participating in the most important food and wine events, where the Burrata di Andria is virtuously combined with other regional or national excellences. At the last Vinitaly, for example, they proposed it with a glass of Primitivo red: if you didn't try it like this, do it. You will not regret it!

Object of continuous research and evolution, between university training courses and field work with the cheesemakers, the Burrata di Andria does not however need great speeches: it must be prepared and consumed as soon as possible and as close as possible to the place of production, for enjoy its freshness. After that, it takes just a few bites to win over gourmets and deserve the title of representative of good things from Puglia and, more generally, from Italy. On the other hand, the data confirms the intuitions of the palate: according to Assolatte, the sale grew by 17.5% in supermarkets. And today it is found regularly, fresh and with the IGP label, in the gastronomic boutiques of New York, Tokyo, Paris. A result made possible by the widespread, passionate and daily work of the consortium members.

The real burrata from Andria is produced here

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Caseificio Asseliti and De Fato snc

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