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Who expected staggering figures fromWorld auction of White truffle of Albawhich has just ended in the wonder that is the Grinzane Cavour Castle, was not disappointed this year either: the most coveted lot was made up of two twin trifole weighing 1004 grams each and for 130 thousand euros (1.1 million Hong Kong dollars) was won by a buyer from Hong Kong. It often happens that I go overseas, as anyone who has been following the event of the event for 24 years knows well Alba White Truffle Fair organized by the Enoteca Regionale Piemontese Cavour, but otherwise the auction is a complete surprise.

The World Alba White Truffle Auction

For truffles, first of all, given thatWorld Alba White Truffle Auction the largest and most valuable specimens of the season always go. Then for the place: the Grinzate Cavour Castlea specific site of the wine-growing landscapes of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato protected by UNESCO, which every year for this great event welcomes guests with an even more refined atmosphere and complete with flag-wavers (and already the entrance – the writer had the chance to participate – it’s truly a spectacle).

Maurizio Milanesio

The great charity event

Last but not least, the auction is very entertaining, also thanks to exceptional auctioneers: the hosts Enzo Iacchetti and Caterina Balivosupported by the journalist and gastronomic curator Paolo Vizzari, are now real regulars who make themselves available for the event. Because they are passionate and because they give their contribution for a very noble purpose. In fact, the proceeds have always gone entirely to charity and in 24 editions this has almost been achieved 7 million euros. This year they were collected in total 482,760 EUR, which will go to Piedmontese associations and beyond: the Alba-Bra Onlus Hospital Foundation, the Vialli and Mauro Foundation for Research and Sport Onlus, the Ukrainian population through the Razom committee and the Every Child Is My Child Onlus project. In Hong Kong the proceeds will instead benefit theMother’s Choice Institutewhile Singapore chose the foundation Singapore Children’s Societyand Vienna Glückskind, an initiative that aims to enhance the qualities of students and their self-esteem throughout the entire school system. Finally in Frankfurt the spotlight will be on Youth Cup of the German Youth, a competition between young athletes from the regional federations of the German Association for Paralympic Sports.\

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