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Inspired by the history and charm of the myths surrounding the coffee shops of Istanbul and Venice, Nespresso imagines and creates two new capsules that are a real journey through time to discover and relive the history of these places.
Venice and Byzantium were intrinsically linked for a long period of time: two different realities but linked by a history of passions, great personalities and incredible journeys. Spices, aromas, aromas, Venice contains the atmosphere of Constantinople between its canals and since the Middle Ages it has been a point of connection between East and West and the fulcrum of the birth of the first coffee shops.

Istambul coffee is Caffè Venezia – limited editions available until February 21st – represent the cosmopolitan atmosphere of coffee shops of the time and in these limited edition, with two different aromatic profiles, tell about this extraordinary city.

Here are two recipes and an inspiration to immerse yourself even more in the Byzantine atmosphere.

Oriental Cappuccino


1 capsule of Café Istanbul
10 ml of cinnamon syrup or sugar syrup
60 ml of warm milk foam
Cinnamon powder and ground cloves to be sprinkled on top of the foam


Prepare 60 ml of warm milk foam and pour it into the cup.
Add 10 ml of cinnamon syrup or sugar syrup and mix
Take out Cafè Istanbul (25 ml or 40 ml) and pour it into the cup.
Add a pinch of cinnamon powder and powder.

Espresso with cardamom


1 capsule of Caffè Venezia
0.5 cl of sugar cane syrup
4 seeds of green cardamom
1 slice of lemon peel


Add 4 green cardamom seeds in a cup.
Add 0.5 cl of sugar cane syrup and mix
Extract 40 ml of Caffè Venezia
Dip a slice of lemon peel into the cup for 10 seconds and then remove it.

Risotto cicchetto with parmigiana and spices

A classic risotto alla parmigiana, well creamed with butter and flavored with spices, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, to be combined during the meal with an espresso – Caffè Venezia, what the chef of Gran Caffè Quadri di Venezia recommends. A sophisticated but simple pairing of understanding, easier to eat than to explain it.


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