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Coffee: 6 things you may not have known – Italian Cuisine


It is one of the most consumed and famous drinks in the world, a symbol of our country. Loved for its unmistakable taste, but also for its symbolic value, linked to the social, emotional, emotional and sensorial pleasure sphere.
Let's talk about his majesty coffee.

The protagonist is the8 and 9 June, to turin, of a cultural event dedicated to him, or the Turin Coffee, born on the initiative of three city excellences, Lavazza, Caffè Vergnano and Costadoro just to deepen and spread the knowledge, still approximate, on this topic and convey the importance of quality to make the most of the benefits of health coffee.

We interviewed Giulio Trombetta, president of Caffè Costadoro is Giuseppe Rovera, primary of dietology and specialist in nutrition sciences at San Luca of Turin, to debunk the main clichés and extrapolate the most important things to know for a correct and conscious consumption of this precious drink.

Afraid of caffeine? Just choose the Arabica

21721The first truth to keep in mind is that coffee is not all the same. Caffeine, for example, which represents a bit of a major enemy, because it is responsible for the negative effects attributed to this drink, depends on the type of coffee used. As Giulio Trombetta recounts, "the main qualities of coffee are two: arabica and robusta. These two types of coffee contain totally different amounts of caffeine. The robusta has a much higher amount of caffeine, because the plants from which the robusta seeds are obtained are at a low altitude and are forced to develop more caffeine to protect themselves from insects and parasites. We use a 100% Arabica blend, because it is of superior quality and with a lower caffeine content (40 mg per cup compared to 120 mg of an all-robust coffee) "

An ally to keep the pressure at bay

129337Another alert: pressure.
People with high blood pressure are often advised to avoid coffee, but is it really true?
Denies the specialist Giuseppe Rovera "Coffee helps keep pressure at bay in the long run, protecting against cardiovascular damage". The feeling of excitement must not be confused with a real increase in heart rate. Giuseppe Rovera suggests "certainly we must not increase coffee consumption in a sudden but gradual manner, otherwise the body does not get used to it".

Against diabetes

13511Some recent studies also report a positive effect of coffee on the prevention of diabetes. In fact, it was found that in northern Europe, where an average of nine coffees are drunk a day, the risk of diabetes is considerably reduced. Dr Rovera explains "it seems in fact that a higher consumption of coffee is linked to a lower desire and relative consumption of sugar (about 10% less)"

Improves mood

154211Coffee also has a positive effect on mood.
In fact, caffeine involves the adenosine receptors in the brain that connect to the receptors in the brain dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for the sensations of pleasure and happiness. Caffeine therefore acts on dopamine, an effect that we take in the form of well-being.

An aid to fight Alzheimer's disease

170425The coffee also seems to counteract the negative effects of theAlzheimer's. Specifies the specialist "The latest figures even show a 15% reduction in the penetration of the disease in coffee drinkers".
It counteracts the production of a specific protein that plays a decisive role in the disease, while reducing inflammation.

Quality indicators

161051Coffee at the bar is always sold at the same price, but it is important to choose well to make the most of all the benefits.
Giulio Trombetta, president of Costadoro explains: "The task of the roasters is to provide information to spread the culture of quality, because coffee is not all the same and the end customer has the right to know what he is really consuming. For us, quality is declined in a whole series of actions to obtain an excellent final product.It means first of all to choose an excellent coffee when purchasing, subjecting it to specific analyzes, tests. Perform one double selection, both on the raw grain and on the toasted to eliminate as much as possible the damaged grains. Anticipate one separate roasting, quality by quality (ie for each type, first create the mixture and then toast it). Finally, the role of the barista is crucial, which must always keep the coffee machine clean and use the right dose (7/7 grams and a half of coffee per dose). A tip for the final consumer? Always enjoy coffee without sugar, focusing on the perception of taste. You should not feel an annoying bitterness, but pleasant on the palate, with the hint of toast, biscuit ".

Elisa Nata

How to make coffee creamy sauce – Italian Cuisine

A habit, a ritual, a sweetness, a cuddle. Here's how to make the perfect coffee creamy sauce

A hot macchiato coffee, a coffee with cold milk aside, a coffee in a hot cold-stained cup (this remains a mystery), a coffee stained with soy milk (hot / cold), a cold coffee, a long coffee, a coffee short, a glass coffee, a foamed coffee, a ginseng coffee … Ok: the variables, for the poor bartender, are practically endless. But luckily not everyone likes to go to the bar.

Coffee: there are those who prefer to do it and drink it at home

Today many people use pods, which give the pleasure of drinking a coffee as if you were at the bar (without making those behind the bar go crazy). But the moka remains timeless. Because that "little machine" doesn't just make coffee: it makes tradition, it makes memories, it makes perfume, it makes music, it makes joy, it makes nostalgia, it makes the family warm even if you are single!
In short, call it what you like, moka, coffee maker, coffee maker, coffee maker, pot, old wheelbarrow, but one thing is certain: it is essential to do the cream of coffee.

The cream of coffee.

Coffee creamy sauce: recipe

Certainly it is a great classic of the Neapolitan and Salerno tradition, so much so that here it is not just a homemade ritual: even the barista who prepares the espresso adds the sweet creamy coffee. In the rest of Italy, on the other hand, it is more a familiar quirk. Here then is the secret to making it really special.

Difficulty: very easy
Preparation time: 2 minutes (only for the cream)

Ingredients for 3 coffees

6 teaspoons of granulated sugar (teaspoons of sugar must be twice the productivity of the moka: coffee maker 6 = 12 teaspoons of sugar, and so on)
a few drops of coffee


Put the sugar in a small bowl. Prepare the moka as usual and bring it to the stove. As soon as the coffee begins to rise, remove the mocha from the heat and pour the first drops of coffee (which are the most creamy and intensely flavored) in the bowl containing the sugar. Return the moka to the stove over low heat. Take the bowl and, with circular movements, mix with a teaspoon sugar and coffee to obtain a sufficiently thick cream. The stronger the mixture will turn, the more creamy the coffee cream will be. Finally put a teaspoon full of cream in each cup and then pour over the coffee.

The coffee? Yes but without sugar – Italian Cuisine

Toast the girl. We met her in Paris, at the Roland Garros tennis tournament where Alixe Bornon was presented by Lavazza as a new ambassador for the brand. A pastry chef not like the others, since creates desserts for diabetics. And she is diabetic herself. It seems an oxymoron and instead it is not. In the new village of the famous French tennis tournament, one of the 4 in the Grand Slam circuit, I met this 31-year-old French girl from Guadeloupe. Her story already tells her sneakers, of the classic Stan Smith with written above que la force soit avec toi (may the force be with you). «A client gave them to me to thank me for what I had done for her. It's great to see the people who come to me happy, who embrace me, the children who can taste sweets like everyone else .

© Giacomo Bretzel

In fact, creating cakes and pastries that even diabetics can eat because they do not raise the glycemic peak (using special ingredients such as lupine and coconut flour), was an extraordinary find. Also because the white chocolate dessert (a special type created by Valrhona specifically for her) with passion fruit, and a base of hazelnuts with Voce della Terra coffee from Brazil does not regret a pastry, not even a little. In its Les Belles Envies boutique on the rue Monge in Paris, people who were forbidden to think only of sweets and not by chance, were invited by Monsieur Le Presidente Emmanuel Macron to the Elysium. "I know the discomfort of not being able to eat what you want since I was diagnosed with this disease at 13 and they put me in a dick, with chicken and salad. Very difficult then to manage the frustration that is a great enemy of health . And Lavazza has hit the target by involving this young woman among her ambassadors as much as in unsuspected times she hired Ferran Adrià. «It seems an important signal to have Alixe as a team, today the nutritional aspect is essentialCommented Giuseppe Lavazza. And between a voile and a backhand, we drank (several) coffees. Throughout the Grand Slam circuit you get a million cups! When will we be able to prepare these sweets at home? "Have faith, I'm working on it," concluded Alixe.

Alixe Bornon at Roland Garros
Alixe Bornon at Roland Garros
Alixe Bornon at Roland Garros
Alixe Bornon at Roland Garros
Alixe Bornon at Roland Garros

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