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Poderi dal Nespoli, the vocation for Sangiovese di Romagna

The historic cellar of the Valle de Bidente, now run by Fabio and Celita Ravaioli, has Sanzve's, as the ancient black grape variety is called here, among its best references

In Romagna Doc the Sangiovese it expresses very distinct characteristics from that of Chianti, Montalcino, Sangiovese from Umbria and Marche. And if until the 1980s, here as elsewhere, it was mostly sold in bulk, today in all four provinces of the appellation (Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna) truly excellent winemakers operate, who in the last 30 years have cradled in the vineyard this vine to obtain wines of great value. Straightforward and elegant at the same time, with an intense ruby ​​red color, very fragrant and persistent on the palate.

The Sangiovese of Romagna

Poderi dal Nespoli it is one of the companies that more and better have dedicated themselves, indeed have made it a real mission, to the production of high-profile wines, when there were still very few winemakers in the region engaged in bottling their grapes. So already in the mid-sixties the Prugneto, a cru of Sangiovese Superiore, obtained from a careful selection of grapes from the vineyard of the same name and aged for a small percentage in small oak barrels. It is the beginning of a long adventure to conquer the title of nobility of the Romagna vine.

The roughness and a certain angularity of Sangiovese in the bottles of Poderi dal Nespoli are rounded and smoothed in favor of a sincere elegance, which does not ignore the robust body of the company's red wines.

Here then are the other references of Romagna Doc Sangiovese dei Poderi. The Big fig it is perhaps one of the less ambitious wines of the Ravaioli brothers, yet it is already a very respectable business card. With a bouquet of red fruits, cherries and violets. Captivating is the Nespolino Rubcone IGT Sangiovese Merlot, with its screw cap. A soft wine where Merlot aged in barriques introduces the sweet and weedy notes on the primary hints of Sanzve’s.

More ambitious and important it is Borgo dei Guidi, a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon (the latter of partially dried grapes on the plant). Perfect to combine for example with a Romagna Mora Liver accompanied by grilled vegetables.

Finally, here is perhaps the maison's best-known label, Il Nespoli Romagna Doc Sangiovese Superiore Riserva. Classic Romagna style, but also with a keen eye on the market. In short, a valid ambassador of the territory. Very pleasant to drink while still young, very remarkable if aged at least five years.

A weekend in Romagna DOC. Where to eat, sleep and what to visit

We recommend two stages in Cervia.
At the entrance to the Regional Park of the Po Delta is the ancient Salina of Cervia, probably of Etruscan origin, certainly already exploited by the Romans. Today it is still operational and open to public visits. The recommended time to visit it is sunset, under the guidance of highly trained staff. The salt pan is a world unto itself, inhabited by animal and plant species capable of living in extreme conditions.
Therefore, always in Cervia, do not miss to stop at Salt workshops, obtained from an old salt warehouse. It is not a restaurant, nor a bar, nor a bistro, but rather a large food and wine and cultural laboratory, where the most authentic local culinary tradition (several Slowfood Presidium products are offered on the menu) is transmitted with an innovative, dynamic and international spirit. . When you go, ask immediately for the tireless patron of Alessandro Fanelli and rely completely on him.

In Forlì there are many good trattorias and restaurants, where you can taste the best dishes of the regional culinary tradition. What makes the difference is therefore to discover a dish that entices you to return to the "crime scene" to find the same pleasure and relive or share the same emotion. Then try the Trattoria Petito. Our sin of gluttony is their Liver of Mora Romagnola in its net.

What to visit in one day in Forlì

Speaking of emotions during a short stay in the Romagna capital, until 31 October at i Museums of San Domenico one of the most beautiful and interesting exhibitions of recent years has been set up: Ulysses. Art and myth. It is unlikely that an exhibition so instructive and full of masterpieces that embraces artistic expressions inspired by the legendary Homeric hero from ancient Greek art to the present day will be repeated again. We are talking about at least 300 works on loan from collections and museums around the world.
On the other hand, outside the mainstream, albeit valuable, of the San Domenico Museums, a few steps from the ancient complex stands Romagnoli Palace, a historic building where one of the most curious collections of Italian art of the twentieth century is kept. Merit of the tycoon Giuseppe Verzocchi, an enlightened building contractor who has collected and commissioned works by some of our greatest painters, from De Chirico to Guttuso, from Sironi to Carrà, up to Vedova.

Sleep cradled by the hills of the Romagna hinterland.

Two places with a dream panorama and excellent hospitality are just a few kilometers from Predappio, Borgo Condé Wine Resort, a place of absolute relaxation, with rooms, suites and villas. In addition to all the services one would expect from a luxury relais.

For those who do not want to go too far, after a visit and a tasting at Poderi dal Nespoli, the maison has a Borgo dei Guidi of an Art Nouveau villa with elegant and comfortable guest rooms, all overlooking the park surrounding the complex.

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