In London you can experience the favorite luxuries of Winston Churchill – Italian Cuisine

In London you can experience the favorite luxuries of Winston Churchill

Between Champagne, cigars and chocolate, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park celebrates the distinguished British Prime Minister and his peculiar habits with the special package "Stay like Sir Winston Churchill"

The habits, the idioms, the sometimes very original found of Winston Churchill they are indelibly written there, halfway between history and legend. Certainly the British politician, for over a decade as British Prime Minister, has been a character capable of leaving an indelible mark on the collective imagination of his United Kingdom, of course, but not only: and that is why the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, a luxurious 5-star hotel in the heart of London inaugurated in 1902, has decided to celebrate its complete reopening after the recent restoration with a special package of style and elegance with a pinch of healthy madness, christened precisely "Stay like Sir Winston Churchill".

Great little rituals

During his long institutional career, the British Prime Minister has been a guest of the hotel more and more times, during delicate periods such as the World War II, but also on much less solemn occasions, such as during the renovation and decoration of his private residence. His usual requests inspired the special package developed by the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park: in addition to a English Breakfast complete for two people, guests will also receive a bottle of Champagne Pol Roger, Sir Churchill's favorite, and a vintage photograph of the politician at the hotel entrance. Moreover, at the counter of the Mandarin Bar, they can taste the special cocktail Vices & Virtues: a tribute to one of the famous phrases that the politician spoke about his colleague Stafford Cripps, "He has all the virtues that I don't like and no vice I admire".

Between cigars, cakes and chocolate

But good Churchill was also well known for his excessive passion for i quality cigars, that guests will have the opportunity to buy directly inside the structure. Not only. The package, available until December with a price per double room starting from 690 pounds, also includes two specials chocolate cigars, in memory of a curious episode that saw the Prime Minister offer two cigars to the waiters in room service in exchange for an early delivery of his breakfast. The "Stay like Sir Winston Churchill" initiative is part of a wider celebration of the history of the luxurious hotel, which in addition to a list of cocktails dedicated to the great characters of the twentieth century also includes a special appointment with the afternoon tea inspired by the 20s: in the hotel tearoom, guests can sample exquisite cakes from around the world, such as the French Religieuse, the English Banoffee and the Russian Coconut Pavlova, toasting with a glass of Champagne and listening to jazz music.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) & his wife Clementine (1885 – 1977) sit together under a large painting of their home at Chartwell, near Westerham, Kent, England, 1947. Church had been Britain's Prime Minister during World War II (unit 1945), and again in 1951 – 1955. Churchill wears a pair of monogrammed slippers on his feet. (Photo by William Sumits / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images)

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