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Ice cream drowned: how is it made?

An ice cream is always a good way to end a dinner. To make it even more inviting, drown it!

Does not exist sweet easier of this and, unless you want to try your hand at preparing the basic ingredient, that is ice cream, you will employ five minutes to bring it to the table for the happiness of your guests.

Ice cream drowned: what must not be missing

First the ice cream, which can be of the taste you prefer and of course of excellent quality.
Then there is a need for a liquid and thick ingredient such as, for example melted chocolate precisely because the ice cream must be "drowned". Finally, to serve a respectable affogato, you must necessarily have at your disposal glass or crystal cups quite high and long teaspoons. To be clear, milk shake glasses are ideal because they are very capacious and beautiful to look at. And to make sure you don't leave anything at the bottom of the cup, add one drinking straw.

The sauces

The funniest thing about affogato ice cream is picking them combinations between the flavor of ice cream and the sauce. You can really indulge yourself and create all the combinations you like and intrigue you.
As a liquid ingredient you can simply use some coffee or a good melted chocolate in a pan with a little butter. Obviously the hot ingredients must be added to the ice cream when they became lukewarm not to dissolve it too quickly. For a truly greedy dessert you can opt for the caramel or dulce de leche homemade because those packaged have a less intense and aromatic taste. If, however, you don't have much time, just use the fruit in alcohol or in syrup, such as black cherries or berries or even a alcoholic ingredient, such as rum (excellent with dark chocolate), or brandy.

How to compose affogato ice cream

After choosing the flavors of ice cream you prefer, alternate them in a bowl with an ice cream scoop or measuring cup.
Then add the liquid part that must not completely cover the ice cream, but only flavor and color it a little, and finally decorate with the whipped Cream.
Do not add crunchy ingredients such as grains or biscuits, but possibly just something soft like gods small pieces of cocoa or vanilla cake or meringue powder.

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