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How to prepare homemade liqueurs with herbs

Whether digestive or refreshing, it is easy to prepare a herbal liqueur even at home. Here are three ideas using from mint to thyme, from basil to St. Peter herb

We have seen so far how to flavor oil and salt. But with aromatic herbs they can be made also liqueurs (and can be done easily at home). Depending on what you use, you can get an alcoholic beverage refreshing excellent for the summer or digestive to conclude maybe an important dinner.

If you want to try your hand at fai, the important thing is to always follow these basic tips in preparation:

1. Put the herbs in 95 ° alcohol for at least 3 days in the dark and in a cool place;
2. Strain through gauze and dilute with a boiled syrup for 6 minutes from complete sugar melting;
3. Allow to cool and pour into the bottles, corking tightly.

Do you want some idea to realize? Here are three.

Mint liqueur

Infuse in 15 g of alcohol 15 g of mint leaves of water, 8 g of leaves of wild thyme, then filtered and diluted with a syrup prepared with 500 g of water and 350 g of sugar. Refreshing.

Digestive liqueur

Proceed as above by infusing 10 fresh leaves of St. Peter's herb for 4-5 days. Keep in a cool place.

Scented liqueur

Same procedure, but different doses: 400 g of alcohol, syrup with 600 g of brown sugar and 450 g of water for 20 leaves of lemon verbena, 4 sprigs of lemon thyme and 8 basil leaves. Keep it in the freezer and serve it very cold.

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