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Homemade strozzapreti with bacon and saffron, the taste of tradition in every bite – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Homemade strozzapreti with bacon and saffron, the taste of tradition in every bite

The Umbrian strozzapreti they are a homemade pasta, characterized by an irregular shape and a robust consistency that holds the seasonings perfectly. The name “strozzapreti” has roots in Italian folklore and, in particular, in the Umbrian tradition. Legend has it that the name derives from the popular belief according to which the priests, entranced by the irresistible flavor of this pasta, risked suffocating in an attempt to eat it too quickly. A story that adds a touch of curiosity and picturesque superstition to their tradition. The preparation for this typical regional dish requires craftsmanship and passion for culinary customs. The choice to use jowlsa fine cut of meat coming from the pig’s cheek, gives the original recipe a rich and enveloping flavour. The addition of the saffron, the so-called “red gold”, however, completes the taste experience, giving the preparation a vibrant color and a distinctive aroma. This spice, in fact, obtained from the pistils of Crocus sativus flowers, contributes not only to the liveliness of the dish, but also to its complexity of flavours, adding a hint of bitterness and heat, mixing with the savory and consistent flavors of the other ingredients. Get all the ingredients and let’s cook Umbrian strozzapreti with bacon and saffron together.

Homemade chickpea hummus: recipe and ingredients – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Homemade chickpea hummus: recipe and ingredients

L’chickpea hummus it is a characteristic dish of Middle Eastern countries, a sauce that can be served as an appetizer based on legumes, herbs and paprika. It is easily prepared and is a totally vegetarian dish with an unmistakable flavour.

This chickpea cream comes from Middle East, where chickpea (in Arabic “hummus”) has been cultivated for more than ten thousand years. A tradition that is now also part of the typically Italian Mediterranean diet.

It pairs easily with any dish, whether meat or fish; It is suitable for people on a diet vegan but also for those who are intolerant to dairy productsbecause in fact it is a flavored legume concentrate!

Having a very light base, both in terms of simple ingredients and taste, hummus can be seasoned with spices which you prefer: the most recommended one is sweet paprika (powder), but nutmeg or chilli pepper are also perfect!

You can also decide to use it as a side dish dip of vegetables, to prepare a different aperitif, more complete, but in any case genuine and light. Its ingredients make chickpea hummus rich in beneficial properties: antioxidants make it an anti-aging, anti-tumor and diuretic food, capable of improving digestion thanks to the fact that it is low in saturated fats.

Don’t miss the other variations! Have fun discovering bean hummus, Of spinach and fetaOf beets and of avocado!

Homemade baked zeppole – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Homemade baked zeppole

They are the classic dessert of March 19th, Father’s Day: le baked zeppole they represent one of the two classic versions of the legendary zeppole of San Giuseppe. Compared to fried zeppole they are less heavy, drier and fuller-bodied. The taste, then, is more marked, decisive, with the black cherries in syrup and the icing sugar topping a fountain of custard that stands out from the top of the choux pastry base. A true culinary masterpiece, which can be made with ease

How to make baked San Giuseppe zeppole

To prepare baked San Giuseppe zeppole you need eggs, flour, butter and salt for the choux pastry, milk, sugar, cornstarch, cream, egg yolks and vanilla for the custard, with black cherries and icing sugar for the final touch. An extraordinarily good dessert to eat and also beautiful to look at, the best way to sanctify a large-scale celebration like the one on March 19th. Discover all the steps of the delicious recipe baked zeppole.

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