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Take a large ice cube, a good coffee and … read here to discover the 3 ingredients that will take you to a long white beach

The eyes are closed, the waves are high and the sun is near. We are on the Australian coast where a walk by the sea could last hours and the sense of freedom burns on the skin more than the sun. Nespresso was inspired by these emotions to present two summer limited editions to be served on ice, perhaps following two easy recipes that seem stolen from intrepid surfers.

The coffee

Let's start from the base, or coffee. Long Black Over Ice, a combination of South American and East African Arabica with a fruity and floral aroma although intense, and Flat White Over Ice, a blend of darker roasted Arabica and Robusta with bold spicy notes, which combined with ice and milk acquire a soft and creamy consistency, with mouth-watering notes and an intense and full-bodied finish.

The syrup

Yes, if you are thinking of coffee in Lecce you are right. But after having tasted (loved) coffee with ice and almond syrup, it's time to drink it with flavored syrups in the flavors of Vanilla, Caramel and Coconut. Proposed by Monin in conjunction with the limited editions, they will make every sip of these iced coffees special.

The recipes

Massimiliano Marchesi, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, suggests two simple recipes, but with a particular taste, perfect for enjoying the summer and dreaming of Australia.

Long Black Over Ice: paid Nespresso Long Black Over Ice (25ml) on a large ice cube (30g). Add coconut syrup (10ml) and a sachet of white sugar, stir and serve.

1 large ice cube (30g)

Flat White Over Ice: pour Nespresso Flat White Over Ice (25ml) onto a large ice cube (30g). Add whipped milk (60ml), caramel syrup (5ml) and serve.

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