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Dreaming of eating an ice cream does not mean just wanting to freshen up with taste. Here are some guidelines for interpreting ice cream in dreams

It has happened to you to dream of ice cream and to ask yourself what was his meaning? To find out, two fundamental aspects must be taken into consideration: first, ice cream is cold and the first possible interpretation could refer to the temperatures; secondly, ice cream is a symbol of pleasure is gratification, but it is necessary to analyze more deeply the own preferences and the circumstances in which he is dreamed.

As always, interpreting a dream has a lot to do with experiences personal. To do it correctly it is therefore important to follow guidelines and apply them to the situations we are experiencing or to our way of being.

Dreaming of eating ice cream

If you have dreamed of eating ice cream, you might have need of consolations, Of attention or having sexual desires, but it could also symbolize the happened achievement of pleasure or gods targets. Second Freud in fact, eating ice cream means to love life and be able to get pleasure alone.

Caution: if the ice cream is melting it may not be a good sign. The image of melted ice cream could represent one passion that is fading slowly and continue to eat it could symbolize the vain attempt to solve the problem. Finally, eating a completely melted ice cream can reveal nostalgia towards things that are now finished.

Ice cream and cold

The coldness of the ice cream can also be interpreted in dreams in another way, like the attempt to "cool" in some way one's emotions, to have need of quiet or be afraid of being overwhelmed by passions. Furthermore, dreaming of eating an ice cream can also be an answer to the actual physical need of cool because of too hot.

Ice cream flavors

There are also different interpretations based on the taste of ice cream. Dream the Strawberry ice cream refers directly to the color red of the fruit and therefore to the passion, to theEros and love. The taste more sour of the lemon ice-cream symbolizes difficulty and fatigue, while the chocolate connects to the need for attentions is contentment. Also in this case it is always necessary to take into account the preferences of the dreamer.

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