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With the arrival of the hot season, drinking plenty of water is essential. For this reason, the strategies to stay well hydrated and provide our bodies with the right amount of fluids can be differentiated, also by trying to fill up with hydration.

The importance of water

174817With the food, every day, we can enter our body 20 percent of liquids necessary for living (and the human body is formed for 70-80% of water): choosing well then which foods to eat and cook, this percentage may rise again. THE benefits of a properly hydrated body, they are visible externally: the skin is more relaxed, we have more energy physical and mental lucidity, less water retention and also internally, because the water fights the sluggish metabolism, but also hypertension, helps to eliminate toxins correctly, in addition to regulating the correct intestinal functions. What then are the foods that help us, more than others, to enter more liquids into the body?

Cucumbers: they win the record

The winning ingredient is the palm with the highest percentage of water (97%): to be eaten raw in pinzimonio, or to be mixed in all kinds of recipes, such as the famous Greek tzatziki.

Radishes: hydrate and help the metabolism

A fresh and tasty vegetable, to be combined with tasty salads or to be crunched as if it were starving. Radishes contain 95% of water inside them. Their slightly spicy flavor also helps the metabolism and is an excellent ally to combat excessive appetite.

Tomatoes: fresh and suitable for all types of recipes

Although they are not a typical summer fruit, they are now 12 months a year. They have 94.5% of water inside them. From sandwiches to salads and as a base for every type of recipe, fresh tomatoes help to hydrate the body.

Peppers: the greens are the best

Even the peppers are excellent allies for their water supply: the yellow and the red ones contain 92% of liquids, while the most moisturizing are the green ones, in which the percentage rises to 94%.

Watermelon: rich in mineral salts and vitamins

Among the fruit, watermelon is one of the best sources of water.
It also contains vitamins and minerals, including magnesium and potassium which regulate pressure and help counteract water retention.

Eva Perasso
10 November 2015

updated by Elisa Nata
June 2019


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