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The Master Distiller Desmond Payne explained it to us, on the occasion of the arrival in Italy of his Beefeater London Garden

By the time we enter a bar, we find ourselves faced with a myriad of bottles of gin behind the counter. How do we choose the right one for us? And how can we best combine it with a recipe? Desmond Payne, Master Distiller for the famous gin Beefeater, gave us some advice.

Desmond Payne
Desmond Payne al Raboucer from Milan

How to choose a good gin

"First of all you have to try it. Don't be influenced by the label or extravagant packaging. Gin must work in different directions: its purpose is to harmonize with other flavors, the bartender uses it to create ever new drinks. A good gin it must therefore be suitable for a Gin Tonic, for a Negroni, for a Dry Martini and so on. Whatever your favorite cocktail, gin cannot be the only protagonist. "

How to combine gin with food

"Matching gin to recipes can be difficult, but it's a lot stimulant. The secret is to study well what is inside: let's start for example with juniper and think about how it is used in the kitchen, in combination with pork or to marinate the ingredients. And citrus fruits? They go well with desserts. For me the best way is to start from the cocktail, combining it with food, and not vice versa (but you have to persuade the chef). "

The ingredients of Beefeater gin

The Beefeater gin takes its name from the guardians of the Tower of London with traditional red and black uniforms. The original recipe dates back to the late 1800s and was designed by the founder James Burrough in the Chelsea Physic Garden, a stone's throw from the historic distillery in London. The botanical present in the Beefeater gin are: juniper berries, bitter orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root and seeds, coriander, almonds, lily root, licorice.

With the same essential care in the preparation of gin, Desmond Payne has created Beefeater London Garden, inspired by the note to the gardens of London: in fact, the 9 classic botanicals are joined by the lemon verbena and the thyme. After staying a long time secret to be tasted exclusively in the London office, today London Garden is finally available also in Italy.

A cocktail: London Garden

Together with Desmond Payne, al Raboucer of Milan we tasted the cocktail that best enhances the irresistible fragrances of London gardens. Preparing it is easy: mix 45 ml of Beefeater London Garden, 15 ml of fresh lime, 25 ml of lime cordial and coriander and serve in a cup without ice. With its acidity, this cocktail is perfect to counterbalance dishes with fatty flavors.

London Garden

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