Monstrous apples to play with Friday 13! – Italian Cuisine

To exorcise Friday 13th, here is a fun and tasty way. For young and old!

FRIDAY 13. Let's exorcise it at the table, for the joy and fun of adults and children.

Simple ideas to do even with children

You don't need to be a skilled cook or cake designer to prepare these sweets. The secret is only to make room for the fantasy and al fun! Great helpers for these funny recipes are the children, let yourself be helped by the little ones to invent even more monstrous "disguises" and give life to new scary monsters.

apples, marshmallows and donuts

Which kind of apple to choose?

Green, yellow or red, all the most common apple varieties, readily available in the market or in hypermarkets, are fine. We prefer not dented and not too ripe fruits, in this case the carvings and decorations may not be easy to do.
Perfect are the fuji apples (reddish, sweet and very juicy), the Red Apple that recalls the poisoned apple par excellence, that of Snow White (such as the royal gala that can be enjoyed both raw and cooked and has a very sweet taste) and the green apple or granny smith, shiny and crunchy, perfect to carve.

Here 5 monstrous ideas to turn apples into little monsters, sweet snacks perfect for a Friday 13!

Check out our tutorial to find out how to make monstrous apples

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