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here's how you keep fit … at the table – Italian Cuisine

It takes a lot of energy to do a thousand things and all successfully. How you do it? Lady Gaga starts from the table: balanced meals, but without renouncing the pleasure of the palate. that's how

I wonder why the voice was turning Lady Gaga, during his last world tour, he only ate sushi and champagne. Nothing else. A fake news, of course. Also because of the incredible expenditure of energy that the popstar employs to carry out projects on projects, successes on successes. From the Super Bowl to the Joanne World Tour, from the leading role in A Star Is Born at the Las Vegas residency inaugurated last December. There are those who promise that they will convolve with their mate Christian Carino, just in Italy, in the summer, but she does not confirm or deny. He lives at the moment, Gaga, accomplice a healthy life and, above all, a balanced diet, attentive to excesses. Describing her is her former personal chef and childhood friend Bo O'Connor, who some time ago confided to "The Feast" the sins of Lady Gaga at the time of ArtRave, the tour that took the singer around world in 2014. He is currently executive chef at The Pomeroy restaurant in New York, where he delights the curious with many of the specialties he prepared for Joanne, especially during his trips.

Lady Gaga poses for an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot in Midtown Manhattan on September 12, 2011 in New York City (photo by Ray Tamarra / Getty Images).
Lady Gaga poses for an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot in Midtown Manhattan on September 12, 2011 in New York City (photo by Ray Tamarra / Getty Images).

The Lady Gaga diet

The password is only one: lightness. After all, to cope with the many commitments that you take on, you certainly could not start the day with a package of Doritos. From perfect Italian-American, Lady Gaga has always had a predilection for tomato sauce, used as a condiment for a particular version of pasta, especially the one made at home without white flour. Also included in the diet are low-sodium beans, quinoa and various varieties of fruit and vegetables. Breakfast, in particular, focuses on eggs, greek yogurt and muesli. Throat sins, however, also affect her. So then the hamburger is included in its diet, although a bit different from the traditional one. The meat used, in fact, is that of ground turkey or chicken, exalted with herbs and spices of various kinds. Another staple of its nutrition is a good hydration: Lady Gaga is a great tea consumer along with coconut water, preferably fresh. In case of malaise or weakness, to come to the rescue is an energy drink created especially for her, based on fresh turmeric, ginger and lemongrass.

Space also for the centrifuged cabbage, spinach, celery, cucumber, parsley and lemon. For energy supplies, his preferences go to whole salted pretzels, crispy crackers, rice chips, healthy bars and baked potatoes. The chocolate, then, is one of its weaknesses, which is abandoned sparingly and only in case of strong desire; as well as for a shot of whiskey after the concerts. After all, if the stars can not give themselves to the pleasures of the table, what would they be?

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