from the province of Novara to all of Italy – Italian Cuisine

from the province of Novara to all of Italy

With the new closures imposed by the health emergency, the artisans sharpen their wits and rely on the online shop and home deliveries

With the second lockdown, the company Riso Testa from Cascina Grampa, has decided to re-prepare the delivery service for the city of Turin and its province and to organize shipments throughout Italy to make its products known in the rest of the peninsula.

Online… and Christmas packages

You can order rice Baldo and Baldo Riserva, Carnaroli and Carnaroli Riserva, Apollo Bianco and Integrale – directly on the online shop or by e-mail In addition to rice for a few days it is also possible to order Christmas gift boxes, to encourage purchases of made in Italy products and help small artisan businesses to survive this difficult moment.

Orders can be customized according to needs, with the possibility of deliveries throughout the national territory: the minimum quantity for the online store is 5 kg in 1 kg packs; for orders via email minimum quantity 3 kg. The packages, for some varieties, are also available in 500 g, all vacuum-packed and, on request, also in a gift box with cardboard box.

Author's recipes

For Christmas 2020 the packages will be accompanied by Author's recipes collectible, made thanks to the collaboration with some chefs: Paolo Ribotto and Antonio Giovannitti from Turin, Antonio Bello, personal chef from Romagnano Sesia (NO), Carlo Zarri from Cortemilia (CN), Francesco Cheloni from Belzago (LC), Michele Zanella from Pellizzano (TN), and Stefano Bartolucci from Valmontone (RM) and Maria Assunta Stacchiotti from Caprarola (VT) from Lazio.

While waiting to receive your order at home, you can taste a rice-based dish in delivery formula based on Riso Testa, proposed by some chefs: the Paniscia by Paolo Ribotto, from San Giors in Turin, which will soon add more proposals in the delivery menu; risottos to order that Antonio Bello, a highly experienced personal chef, can cook directly at home.
The risotto box by Francesco Cheloni of the Osteria Manzoni di Belzago, with Riso Testa Baldo Riserva in three versions (with luganega, pumpkin and rosemary, delivered in the areas adjacent to the restaurant) is an invitation to make your own dish following the recipe with all the ingredients provided by the Osteria Manzoni restaurant.

Also tantalizing are the risotto in delivery formula by Stefano Bartolucci di Valmontone (risotto with Gorgonzola, fig jam and Speck shavings) and by Maria Assunta Stacchiotti di Caprarola (creamy pumpkin risotto, sour butter with Tuscia chestnuts and bitter cocoa).

Delivery of Riso Testa, Cascina Grampa, San Pietro Mosezzo (NO).

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